Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Ugly" Sweater Parties

A couple nights ago, John and I got together with friends for our secret santa gift exchange. We had an "ugly" sweater theme, in which everyone showed up in their most festive holiday sweaters. I have to say, JR's sweater was the best, as it was handcrafted from a tablecloth and garlands.

Me and JR

Everyone's sweater was so funny. Many of us either borrowed or bought from thrift stores. We also had a white elephant gift exchange. If you've never played this game before, it's a lot of fun. Basically, you take items from around the house you don't want anymore, wrap them up, and play a game in which each person either chooses a wrapped gift or "steals" an opened one. It's all in good fun, and many of the gifts are humorous or gag gifts. The funniest item of the night? A T-Pain microphone, which to be honest with you,  I've never heard of before but apparently was a hot-ticket item this holiday season that was sold out everywhere.

We had a TON of food, which is always a good thing :) My brother brought over doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (yum!) and there were these really cute snowman ones. But after microwaving one, it wasn't so cute anymore.

Overall, we had a really great time exchanging gifts and singing karaoke. 

From left: JR, Richelle, Chris, Katherine, Joey, Heather, me, Jason, John, and Andrew

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