Thursday, December 8, 2011

Penguins at Seaworld

Last week, John and I went to Orlando for a mini-weekend getaway. Seaworld currently has a promotion where teachers get in for free until December 31, so we wanted to take advantage of that. John (from what he can remember) had never been to Seaworld, and even though I'd been a few times before, it's always fun to share in someone's first visit. And let's face it - I was there to see the penguins.  And penguins there were a-plenty, to my delight and to John's horror. But my husband is so wonderful and patient that he kindly took pictures of me with all the penguins I could find.

This guy was $39.95. I asked John if we could take him home with us. He said no.

An employee kindly offered to take our picture with these penguins. John's deadpan reply: "That's ok. I don't like penguins."

By this point, we didn't even bother putting our camera away. John kept it ready for any penguin photo ops.

Here's me about to enter the Penguin Encounter. Yes, I do realize I'm wearing the wrong colored bra with this top. I should have known, what with the bright flash of my camera. Oh well.

If you look closely, you can see that I'm wearing my favorite necklace - a diamond penguin pendant that my Mom got me for Christmas one year. Thanks, Mom!

The only picture John took at Seaworld. Look how happy he is.

This little guy was my favorite. So cute!

This woman has the best job in the world.

I never knew that Adelie was a type of penguin. Now I see why the Charlotte Taylor top was called the "Adelie" blouse.

I just really liked these red trees.

The stand to the right reminds me of an Orla Kiely print, so of course I had to take a picture with it.

This was a fun little display where you could actually crawl underneath and stick your head inside the tank. Of course, another great photo op!

Overall, John and I had a fun trip to Seaworld. And we kept saying, "I'm so glad this was free." Even though it was a good time, I can't imagine having to pay $81.99 for a ticket. The only things we had to pay for was parking ($14) and a small cup of Dippin Dots and a bottled water (that cost $9!) John and I agreed that Seaworld would probably be more fun with children because they're the ones who can ooh and ahh over all the different animals, and it's simply fun to watch a child's eyes light up over the simple things in life.

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