Friday, December 30, 2011

Sugarfoot Chic

John and I went to this amazing antique shop in Jacksonville Beach today in search of some dining chairs. Although we didn't find any chairs, we did find some other goodies. John really liked this apothecary cabinet that was actually salvaged from a shop in London and somehow made its way to this little shop in Jax Beach.

The owner was selling it for $4500, which is what she paid for it. She didn't know a lot of background information on it, but guessed that it was built somewhere in the 1950s. It's such a unique and interesting piece, but John and I simply couldn't afford the steep $4500 price tag. How cool with this have looked in our home though? All the drawers would have provided so much storage and the shelves would have been great for displaying little trinkets and knick knacks.

Of course, I found my was to the clothing section, where I tried on a couple pieces that I liked.

The tag on this top read "Saved By The Bell Top." Does it really look that 90s? John thought it looked very 80s, which I agree with given the red and blue print. But I loved the puff sleeves and the peter pan collar. I really wanted to take this one home with me (it was only $12!) but I just wasn't sold on the print. If only it had been a different color...

I really loved this little cardigan. It reminds me of something Emma Pillsbury from Glee would wear. So adorable. This sweater was $32.

If any of the pieces above caught your eye, there's a lot more great things to be seen in her store so be sure to check out Sugarfoot Chic located at 1013 N Third Street in Jacksonville Beach (across the street from Salt Life Food Shack).

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