Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nordstrom Rack in Jacksonville, FL

Today was the grand opening of Nordstrom Rack in Jacksonville, FL. The opening kicked off at 8 am and I would've LOVED to be there, but I had work today. So my family and I headed on over after work, which was around 3:30. Even at this time, the whole place was packed and there were many enthusiastic shoppers. And for good reason.

This Nordstrom Rack is awesome! So many great brands at good prices. Better brands than what I've seen at Nordstrom Racks in even bigger cities like Orlando. Which makes me wonder if the selection was good only because it was the grand opening, and the stock will eventually change as time goes on. I hope not! I was pleasantly surprised to find many of my favorite brands. 

James Perse

AG Jeans

Free People

A great selection of Spanx, with many items under $30. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs

And an actual Marc Jacobs purse. The price was a little under $600 (originally retailing for over $1000). Expensive, yes. But for an actual Marc Jacobs piece (in leather!) it's a good price. 

Kate Spade

Kate Spade jewelry
I was honestly surprised at how expensive some of these pieces were. The necklaces you see here were still about $150 each, which I would think was the original price. I was tempted, however, to purchase the white bracelet because the stems remind me of Orla Kiely. It was reasonably priced at $43.97, but the clasp wasn't very easy to put on and take off so I decided to pass (for now).

While there, I decided to try on some pieces. I was happy to see that there was no fitting room line. I was able to get in right away and the salespeople working there were very friendly and efficient.

AG Stilt Cigarette Leg Jeans
Size 26
I do like these jeans, but I think they make my hips and thighs look a tad bit too big, so it's a pass for now, but I'll revisit them if they ever go on sale.

Hudson Jeans
Size 25
I don't think these pictures do these pants justice because they really are great in person. I love the color and slightly more relaxed fit. They are still skinny jeans, but not super tight. I don't care too much for the whispering across the front, but it didn't bother me too much. I like the wider waistband and double button closure.

And most of all, I love Hudson's signature back pockets!

I didn't purchase these jeans right away, but I'm seriously considering going back to get these.

Free People Tank
Size XS
Although not usually my style, the lace and graphic print intrigued me. And Free People has been one of my long-time favorite brands, so I decided to give this tank a try. It's super comfortable and flattering, and although I don't usually like the high-low trend, I think it works with this tank, especially with the back lace detail.

Splendid Tee
Size XS
I was initially attracted to this shirt for a couple reasons. One, it's by Splendid, one of my current favorite brands for their simple made-in-the-USA tees. Two, there's a pocket. I LOVE t-shirts with pockets. So I quickly threw this in my cart, and it wasn't until I was in the fitting room that I noticed it had that burnout detail, something I'm not really that fond of. Not entirely a deal breaker, but this shirt (and its price) didn't wow me. Back to the rack it went!

Kate Spade Blouse
Size XS
There was such a CUTE selection of Kate Spade clothing. But this was the only shirt I could find in an XS. Normally not something I'd pick up, but I wanted to try on something Kate Spade, and it looks like something cute Jess from New Girl would wear, so I took this with me to the fitting room, It's very comfy and fits very nicely, but best of all...

There's an adorable bow in the back! There's also some cute button details along the shoulder that you can't see too well in these photos, but they're there and boy are they cute.

Kate Spade honestly has the cutest tags.

And if you're a mother like me, you'll be pleased to hear that they have a good selection of Petunia Pickle Bottom items. I love these prints! They're cute and whimsical and modern all at the same time. However, I have a son, so I think I'll hold off on these baby bags and accessories for when/if I have a baby girl.

There was, however, a super adorable selection of Splendid clothes for baby boys!

And some preppy "modern fit" pants by 7 For All Mankind (I chuckled a bit at the "modern fit" tag on these pants because they were size 18 months and it amuses me that even pants this small come in various fits and washes - something babies care nothing for, but moms like me appreciate!)

This Nordstrom Rack did not disappoint! Make a trip there this weekend to check it out. I'm sure it'll be a madhouse, but it'll still be fun checking out all the goodies!

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