Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: AG Stevie Ankle Jeans

Glimpse, size 25

After having lost quite a bit of baby weight (40 pounds to be exact!) my new favorite thing to do is try on skinny jeans. I'm excited to finally be out of my maternity and postpartum jeans, so I'm currently on the hunt for some new denim. I found these AG Stevie Ankle pants at Anthropologie, and although I wasn't initially drawn to the color (I tend to like a darker wash) I decided to try them on anyway. They didn't have my usual size 26, so I opted for the 25s. I was skeptical at first (I haven't been a size 25 since I got married. At the time I was hardcore into working out and dieting in order to look my best for my wedding), but I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to slip them on easily. I actually weigh less now than I did before I was pregnant (110 pounds vs. 115), so I'd say these run try to size. And there is some spandex so they'll stretch a bit with wear. I like that my thighs don't look like encased sausages and there's no horizontal lines stretching across the front, a couple problems that I always have with jeans. And I ended up actually really liking the color. I think it can be dressed up or dressed down, and the length is awesome for my 5'3" height. Because I'm wearing a smaller size than what I'm used to, these are definitely self-esteem-boosting pants for me and I'm tempted to purchase them at full price, but yikes! $168 for jeans is really expensive for me. I've never purchased jeans for that much before. Although I have many designer denim pants that originally retailed for $200, I ALWAYS wait for a sale and am often able to snag them for 50-75% off retail. I just have to wait a really long time and I want them now! Especially since almost all of my jeans are now saggy and loose (a good and bad thing at the same time). I'd say if you've got the budget for these jeans, get them! The fit and color won't disappoint. But if you're like me, looks like we'll be waiting for a sale.

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