Monday, November 11, 2013

Orla Kiely for Uniqlo Heattech Shirts

Orla Kiely recently collaborated with Uniqlo to create a set of printed Heattech shirts, which are built with technology to help keep you warm (read all about it here). All the designs below are $19.50 each, a great price for an Orla Kiely piece. They each come in two colors, but I decided to show the one that I liked better (which was a tough decision because they're all cute designs!)

Now I do NOT like turtlenecks - I find them extremely uncomfortable and frankly unflattering on me. But the Orla Kiely prints are undeniably cute and I think I can make them work if I wear them with a blazer (or even an infinity scarf to cover up the turtleneck part).

I'm honestly not too familiar with the Uniqlo brand. I've only been to their store once in New York, and from what I could see, they have cute prints and designs, but the clothes are not very high quality. Given that many of the pieces are under $20, I guess you get what you pay for. I found that a lot of the shirts were thin and didn't feel very substantial, so I'm not sure how well they hold up through the years. However, my husband has had one of their casual shirts for almost a year now and so far it's still in very good condition (although he's only worn and washed it a couple times). When I was in New York, they no longer had the Orla Kiely pieces in stock (so upset that I missed out on that. The scarves were adorable! And for only $12.99 each) so I didn't purchase anything. I'm tempted now though to purchase at least one of these Heattech shirts online (so happy they offer online ordering now!), but since I live in Florida, I don't know that I'd get that much use out of them. However, the prints are, as always, adorable and helps justify the purchase.

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