Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review: LC Lauren Conrad Penguin Sweater, Dot Fuzzy Sweater, Lace Sweater, and Ponte Blazer

Gray Dawn, size XS
On sale $39.99 (originally $54)
As soon as I saw this sweater online, I knew I'd have to have it. I'm obsessed with penguins and I thought the dusty blue color was so pretty. However, upon seeing it in stores I was SO disappointed.

First of all, it's still cute. But I wasn't too crazy about the embellished bow. I admit, it's already a somewhat childish sweater and I'm probably far too old to wear it, but that bow screams tween to me. 

And the material looked so cheap. The sweater already looked so old and worn with all the pilling. And I assume it'd only get worse over time. If this sweater had been made out of the same material as the Dot Fuzzy Sweater (see below), it would've come home with me. For now, it's back to the rack and will stay there unless it goes on super clearance.

Whisper White, size XS
On sale $39.99 (originally $54)
In addition to her line with Kohl's, Lauren Conrad also has a high end label called Paper Crown. I tried on this sweater because it reminds me a lot of the Paper Crown 5th Avenue Sweater, which retails for $294. I felt this LC Lauren Conrad version, sans cute collar, was still a good (and much cheaper!) alternative.


The material on this sweater was SO soft. It felt wonderful against my skin. The fuzzy material was in fact very fuzzy, so much so that even as I was taking it off the hanger, pieces of fuzz were already falling off, which gives me concern on how well this would hold up through multiple wears and washings. The material felt somewhat thin, which is fine for Florida winters. I just didn't like how it showed all the bumps and bulges underneath (you can clearly see the waistband and belt of my pants). The color combo is cute, but I wish the dots were a darker grey or black like the 5th Avenue Sweater or more like the Natural color of the LC Lauren Conrad Heart Sweater.

On sale $39.99 (originally $54)

Heather Gray, size XS
On Sale $40.50 (originally $54)
I saw this sweater online and was initially attracted to the simplicity of its design. The lace adds just the right touch to take it from boring to chic. When I tried it on in stores, I was even more wowed. This sweater is so comfortable and has that perfect amount of drape to look great with skinny jeans and boots. There's a slight hi-lo hem, which usually I don't care much for, but I like it here on this sweater. I initially wanted either the Oatmeal Heather or Navy Nile color, but of course neither of those colors were available in an XS, so I tried on the Heather Gray, which I actually do like, but I feel I have too many grey clothes already and I wanted to change things up. I'm going to wait for this sweater to go on sale a little bit more and wait 'til I can find the blue or oatmeal colors to try on.

Black, size 0
On sale $44.99 (originally $70)
I'd been wanting a simple black blazer for a while now. I was going to hold out for Cartonnier's Triblend Blazer, but this was such a good alternative to that jacket, that I decided to buy this one instead.


Missing from this jacket are the contrasting cuffs, but I think that keeps the jacket more classic and wearable for many upcoming seasons. Also missing is a button closure, which at first I thought would bother me, but I think it looks great open and it helps to show off whatever you're wearing underneath. I felt great in my usual size 0. Fitted, but not tight in the arms. Still a little room underneath for layering. The lapels look classic and simple - nothing too crazy or trendy. 

The jacket is unlined. A bit disappointing, but for the price, it's expected. Plus, I don't really need the lining for Florida, but it's nice when you want to layer something that has 3/4-length sleeves so the sleeves slip through easily and don't bunch up. This jacket is made of the same polyester, rayon, spandex blend as the Cartonnier jacket, making it an even better alternative at its price (plus I used a $5 coupon AND a 20% off coupon, bringing my total to about $32). The pockets are all functioning and not just there for decoration.

A shot of what I was wearing that day. This particular blouse already has slippery sleeves so I was able to put the jacket on easily without any bunching. I think the colors provide a nice contrast against the solid black of the blazer. Again, the open construction provides just the right amount of peek into what you're wearing underneath.

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