Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Orla Kiely Baby Bibs Coming Soon to Target!

Orla Kiely currently has a line of diaper bags for Target, a series of children's books that are available at numerous book retailers, and a collection of kids bedding available for purchase from her website. I love all the kids items that are currently available, so I'm super excited to announce another Orla Kiely item making its way to the baby department...

A collection of adorable bibs for both baby boys and girls!




Oh my goodness, all of these are SO cute! My little one is now too big to be wearing a bib (breaks my heart a little!), but I have friends who have little babies and it would be so much fun giving these as gifts (will I still buy them for myself for a potential future baby? Probably. Don't judge). It's probably a good thing my son is too old for these now, because he would've surely stained every single one and I would've been upset (yes, over bibs. I know. It's just that they're Orla Kiely...)

On Target's website, they're currently listed as "out of stock online" and "not sold in stores." Which was the same case for the first two diaper bags I posted about, which have now mysteriously disappeared from Target's website. I'm worried that might also be the case for these bibs - tease us with a preview and then remove it from the site, with no word as to when/if they will pop back. But let's all keep our fingers crossed that these will make their online and store debut soon (and maybe this means there will be more baby items to come...clothing perhaps?!)


  1. Too cute, thanks for being the go-to news source for all things OK.


    1. Hi Margo! It's my pleasure :) I'll keep you posted on when these actually hit stores.