Monday, January 5, 2015

New Orla Kiely Totes Coming Soon to Target!

Target is releasing another set of Orla Kiely totes! One design features the Flower Abacus Print, while the other has the Shadow Dot Print.



By the looks of it, these bags are meant to be used as diaper bags. But, as with the Yoga Bag, I'm pretty sure we can all find different uses for these totes :)

I'm not sure when these totes will become available, but it might be worth checking out your local Targets to see if they've hit the shelves early. I'll be keeping a lookout at my local Targets and online, and write an updated post as soon as I see them available. Now, I don't need another bag, but I sure do WANT them. Every time Target releases another Orla Kiely item, I think it looks even cuter than the last release, if that's even possible! I love these classic prints and fun color combinations. All of the pockets will make these great diaper bags, travel totes, or even work purses. So excited for when these hit stores!

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