Saturday, January 3, 2015

Orla Kiely Sale Back on Gilt Tomorrow

Get ready, Orla Kiely fans! Gilt is having another Orla Kiely sale on accessories and apparel starting tomorrow at 9 pm. Here's what I think we can expect based on last summer's Orla Kiely sale:

1. Items will include accessories and apparel from Orla Kiely's Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

Based on the photos from the Buyer's Pick, expect to see purses from the Mainline collection, clothing and accessories from the FW14 line, as well as bedding.

2. Items that are now sold out at may show up on Gilt tomorrow. 

Last year, I desperately wanted the Linear Stem Backpack, but waited too long to purchase it and it was sold out at even before it went on sale. I'd lost hope...until Gilt hosted an Orla Kiely sale featuring items from her Spring/Summer 2014 collection. And lo and behold, I found my backpack! On sale! For an even better price than what was listed on Orla Kiely's website! So I was thrilled and snapped that up right away. Which brings me to...

3. Some items will sell out fast.

Remember the sale begins at 9 pm, so I recommend being logged in and ready to shop as soon as the sale starts. Even though we don't know for sure what items will be included in the sale, check out what's currently on sale at so you can at least have an idea of what you'd like to look for. This will keep you organized and focused so you can add items to your cart quickly. Once you add an item, it will only remain in your cart for 10 minutes. So keeping a shopping list will help you check out quickly - if you don't check out within 10 minutes, your item(s) will be removed from your cart and someone else can quickly snatch it up.

So during last summer's sale, I was specifically looking for two items that were already sold out at - the Linear Stem Backpack and Textured Leather Iris Bag. Once the sale began, I quickly scrolled through all the items and looked specifically for the two I wanted. Once I spotted them, I added them to my cart. Once those were secure, I went back to the sale to see if there was anything else I wanted, keeping in mind I only had 10 minutes to shop before my items were removed from my cart. Once I was happy with what I had in my cart, I clicked "Checkout Now" to secure my purchase. I'm glad I had a game plan, because when I checked back later that evening, the two items I purchased were already sold out.

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that the items you're looking for will sell out quickly. This just happened to be the case for me last year. There were plenty of items left even days after the sale began. But to ensure you get the items you want, shop the sale as soon as it begins.

4. Prices will be even better than what's listed at

The two items I purchased last year were even more on sale than they were on Orla Kiely's website. I don't remember the exact prices, but I think the Gilt prices were about 10-20% cheaper.

Again, these predictions are based on my experience from shopping last summer's sale. Availability  and pricing might be completely different and items might not sell out as quickly - at this point, it's just a guessing game. But it'll certainly be fun wondering what might be on sale tomorrow.

If you're not a Gilt member yet, click here to join and receive $25 off your first purchase. If you do get something from this sale, please let me know! I'd love to hear what you got :) Good luck and happy shopping!

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