Sunday, December 13, 2015

Orla Kiely Car Print Reusable Bag


This Orla Kiely collapsible tote has been available in stores for months (almost a year in fact), but for some reason it's just now making its debut online. I know these bags went on clearance in stores (for up to 70% off) and I'm guessing the ones that didn't sell were sent back to the warehouse to be sold online.

I purchased this bag a few weeks back when it was marked down to $4.98. I honestly haven't used it too much because I do have another Orla Kiely reusable bag (from the 2009 collection) so I don't seem to reach for this one since I'm so used to using the other one.

 It unfolds to quite a good size, and it's nice that it zips up when not in use.

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