Saturday, December 26, 2015

Orla Kiely Wish List

Christmas may be over, but wish lists are still on my mind as my birthday is coming up in just a few days (one of the perks of having a birthday so close to Christmas is that you still have something to look forward to after the holidays are over. I always seem to get hit hard with the after-Christmas blues, so it's nice to have my birthday to look forward to). Down below are the items that are currently on my Orla Kiely wish list.

This bag is just so cute and I love all the little white flowers.

I have become obsessed with bag charms lately. I think they are so adorable and add the cutest touch to any bag. I really would love to have this Louis Vuitton Illustre Travel Bag Charm or LV Mirror Key Holder, but they are quite pricey ($225 and $320, respectively) so I think I'll stick to this Orla Kiely Hanging Coin Purse, which I think is as equally cute (but with a much better price tag). I chose the Chalk colorway because I think it would make a nice pop of color against any background. I especially love the way it looks on the Jeanette bag below...

Ideally, I would like to get this bag because I don't own a simple black bag in this particular size (I do have two black purses - one a small clutch and the other a huge tote, so I think this would be the perfect in-between size). Plus, it already comes with the Hanging Coin Purse that I mentioned above and I LOVE the contrast between the chalk and black colors.

On sale $152.22 (originally $447)
This backpack is on sale for such a great deal on Amazon right now (66% off!) that I might just have to scoop this one up as my birthday gift to me...from me :) I immediately fell in love with this Spruce colorway when the Fall/Winter collection debuted and have been wanting a purse in this color ever since. You might recall that I wasn't too fond of the cotton webbing shoulder straps on this leather collection, but this Mini Bay Backpack has all leather shoulder straps (which are convertible!) so this one became my favorite.

$203 each
Aaaand....once again, I'm still lusting after these trash bins (that's a sentence I never thought I'd write). I've been wanting these in both colorways in the 30L size so I could use them for recycling - one for paper and the other for plastic.

There are a couple other things that I originally had on my wish list that I actually got for Christmas this year, so I will be writing a Haul + Review post on those soon :)

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