Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Orla Kiely Cosmetic Bags at Target: Multi Olive and Big Tulip Prints

Orla Kiely has just recently released another collection of makeup bags at Target (see previous releases here, here, here, and here). I'm honestly not as excited about these as I have been with past collections. Don't get me wrong - the prints are still nice (which were originally used in last year's Halfords collaboration), but just not my favorites. I could probably hold off until these go on clearance, and even then, only purchase them if I have an immediate use for them (as of right now, I probably have almost every piece from every makeup bag collection Orla Kiely has ever done for Target. So it's safe to say I have enough haha). 



Is it just me, or does this cosmetic case seem a bit longer than previous ones? I know I could've just taken a moment to compare the dimensions on the website, but I never really trust how accurate those are anyway. So if anyone has happened to see this in person already, could you please tell me if it's the same size as train cases in the past? Or is the print just playing an optical illusion on me?



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