Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anthropologie Scalloped Perimeter Belt: The Look For Less

Anthropologie Scalloped Perimeter Belt

I really love the look of this belt, especially the way it was styled with the Bike Lane Dress.

Bike Lane Dress by Postmark

However, I think $48 is pretty expensive for a belt. I was shopping for belts at Forever 21 when I found the Eyelet Trim Belt, a great alternative to the Scalloped Perimeter Belt. And it's only $6.80! Such a great deal.

Forever 21 Eyelet Trim Belt

Of course, it's not made of real leather, so this largely accounts for the low price. But it has such a similar look that that detail can be overlooked. Most items at Forever 21 are not made to last, but it seems that the quality of this belt is pretty good. Now if only I could find a less expensive version of the Bike Lane Dress...

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