Monday, February 20, 2012

Presents From Paris

My husband just got back from Paris today and he brought me back the most amazing gift - French macarons from the famous Laduree bakery!

From left: pistachio (my favorite), chocolate, vanilla (John's favorite), and rose

These are seriously the most heavenly dessert ever. They're made from just almond flour, sugars, butter, and eggs - that's it. There's really not much to these macarons, but somehow they're still so gosh darn hard and tedious to make! There's surprisingly a lot of technique that goes into baking these. My Mom bought me the Laduree cookbook for Christmas one year and I've attempted to make them several times.

This is probably my most successful batch yet. I'll probably write a blog about how to make these once I've perfected them. For now though, I will just enjoy the macarons my husband brought back for me. Yum!

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