Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jason Wu For Target

Ready, set, shop!

What I'm Wearing:
Dress by Jason Wu for Target
Belt by Libertine for Target
Heels by BCBG

Today was the launch of Jason Wu for Target. I decided to be smart about this one - get up early and head on over to Target as soon as it opened. I'm glad that today is a Sunday, unlike a weekday when Missoni came out (how did all those women get there on a Tuesday? Don't they have jobs to get to?!) Anyway, I woke up a little late and didn't make it to Target until exactly 8:10 am, but I thought that was still good timing. However, a few of the things I wanted were already claimed by the three other girls who were already there. I had my eyes set on the Poplin Dress because I think it most closely resembles something Reese Witherspoon or Michelle Obama would wear, who are often seen in Jason Wu's designs.

Poplin Dress in Navy by Jason Wu for Target

Alas, the only size 2 was already claimed by another girl. I was also looking forward to trying on the polka dot top in pink, and went ahead and grabbed that and the navy blue version in xs.

Blouse With Tie in Blush Dots by Jason Wu for Target

I was originally set on buying this polka dot blouse, but decided it looked like something I could have gotten at Forever 21 for much cheaper (plus, I already had so many polka dot tops anyway).

I really wanted the peplum blouse because I love that mustard yellow color, but the smallest I could find was a small.

Textured Pleated-Front Peplum Top in Gold
by Jason Wu for Target
The texture on this blouse was an interesting touch and made it seem like a more expensive blouse than what it was. The small fit ok - an extra small would have been significantly better, but upon looking at a nearby shopper's cart and spotting the last xs, I knew I was out of luck. 

I also picked up the dress I'm wearing in the picture above, at first in a size small, but found an xs in the fitting room that someone no longer wanted - score!

Pleated Sleeveless Shift Dress
in Blush Stripes with Black Belt
by Jason Wu for Target

Although this was not one of the pieces I was intending to buy, I decided to try it on anyway because I thought the color combination was interesting. I just didn't like the way it was styled online, with all the buttons closed. I decided to unbutton the top two buttons to let the collar hang open a little. I also didn't like the belt it came with, so I switched it our for one of my own belts (from another Target collaboration dress from years ago - Libertine for Target). I actually ended up liking it a lot so I decided to purchase it, which was my only purchase of the day. I even went to another Target, only to be disappointed that they had half the collection of the Target I was just at. That's something I don't understand - why certain Targets only carry a few pieces from the line or none at all even. But I do like the fact that Target is now limiting the number of items you can purchase (way to go Target - it only took you a few years to figure out that people were purchasing the entire stock and selling it on Ebay for an obscene profit!)

I really like this dress, although I wish it were a bit more fitted. To make it look more tailored, I pulled the back of the dress behind me so it bunched up a bit in the back to make it more fitted in the front, as you can see from the photo below.

And as with all Target collaborations, the material on this dress is a simple polyester - not exactly the best material, but I'm sure it'll hold up well. Also, the top half of this dress somehow reminds me of a women's bowling shirt - I don't know why! Maybe it's the stripes or the collar. Anyway, I still think it's cute.

Overall, my Target trip was much more pleasant than my Missoni experience. I was there for about 45 minutes trying to decide what I wanted (and shamelessly hoping one of the other girls would change her mind about the peplum blouse and put it back on the rack). So I returned home around 9:00 am to find my husband already awake and wondering what I had bought. He really liked the dress and convinced me to wear it to church today. At first I didn't want to because I thought it was too soon to wear it and I was worried that some other girl might have gotten up early this morning as well to buy this very same dress and wear it to church. But in the end I had nothing to worry about and my husband thought I looked very cute in this dress, so I'm happy :)


  1. Love all of his prints for Target. The dress looks lovely on you!

    1. Thanks so much! I ended up loving this dress more than I would have thought. The color combination makes it unique, but the stripes and style of the dress keep it classic.