Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sam Edelman Lorna Heels

Dillards was having a huge 65% off shoe sale, so I was excited to look for the Sam Edelman Lorissa Heels I'd been wanting so badly. I found only one pair - in a size 8, one size too big. My Mom and I looked everywhere for a size 7, even visiting two Dillards. We were unable to hunt them down, but my Mom did find the Sam Edelman Lorna Heels in a size 7, and I'd been wanting these shoes as well. They still had the stone details that I liked so much about the Lorissa heels, so I figured this was a good alternative. And at $60 (marked down from $175) it was a steal, especially since I used a Dillards gift card  (see, not breaking any rules!)

I love the pewter color of these heels, and the bow detail softens the toughness of the spiked rhinestones. They are made of all man made materials. Even though I like leather, I still think the quality of these heels is great.

The only downside (and it's a major one) - they're so darn uncomfortable! Seriously, as soon as I put them on, my feet were aching. And this was after walking around in them for only a few seconds. I almost didn't buy them because of this, but after walking around the store for several minutes, they started to feel more comfortable and I figured with continued wear, I'll be able to break them in. They initially felt kinda tight, which I was surprised about because they are a size 7 and I'm pretty much always a size 7 - I've never had to size up. My Dad even said my toes looked kinda squished in them, which I guess I can kinda see in this picture.

The heels are pretty high, which puts all the pressure on the balls of my feet. But I think with the help of some shoe cushions, these shoes will be comfortable enough to walk in. I'm even wearing them right now around the house to try to break them in - I want to be able to wear them out for Valentine's Day!

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