Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pottery Works

Last Saturday, I went out with my friends Richelle and Heather to Pottery Works, a place where you can pick out and paint your own piece of pottery. I decided on a little honey pot (although I'm sure I will not put honey in mine) and painted it a nice taupe color with blush pink polka dots and white scalloped edges.

I decided to paint the inside the same pink color as well.

I absolutely love how my little pot turned out. It's so cute and girly - just the look I was going for. I had such a great time doing this little project. Painting pottery is a great way to relax and catch up with your girlfriends. Richelle even brought appetizers and drinks for us to snack on as we worked on our pottery.

In case you're wondering, my little pot cost about $15, and then I think they charge you based on how long it takes you to paint. For me, it took about an hour, which tacked on an extra $9 to my total.


  1. Nice job on your pot. Did you have to use a template to paint on the pattern?

    1. Thanks! I had to use a stencil for the polka dots, but I did the scalloped edges and white dots by hand (I practiced on paper first though!)