Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballet Flats

I finally purchased a pair of those absolutely adorable mouse ballet flats by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I'd been wanting these flats for such a long time now. I've been searching for them on eBay for months (I can't seem to find it on any website in my size). Every time they'd pop up on eBay however, they'd either be the wrong size or the wrong material (they come in rubber or leather, and I wanted the leather version) or the price was simply too high (they often go for about $150, which I guess is ok compared to the retail price tag of about $250). Anyway, I ended up winning these with a final bid of $90. I know, still a bit pricey but they were the first pair on eBay I could find that was 1) my size (sorta...more on that later), 2) leather, 3) new condition, and 4) under $100. I was so excited when I finally got these in the mail. They are even more adorable in person! 

Even the bottoms are fun and cute (although I'm sure these will wear off after a while).

Ok, so now about the size. I'm a true size 37 (size 7) and these were listed as a size 38. But I'd read several other reviews that these mouse flats tend to run small, so I took a risk. When I first put them on, they felt like they fit. But when I walked around my living room, they were slipping off my feet a little. I almost wanted to return them, until I read that the seller does not accept returns. So here was my fix - I simply put those heel pads on the back and wore them with my No Nonsense Ultra Low Liner (which, by the way, are the absolute best socks to wear with ballet flats. They are comfy and they really don't show). Problem solved! I was able to walk around the Town Center comfortably without them slipping off my feet. So overall, I'd say these run pretty true to size - no need to size up or else you'll have to utilize these quick fixes as well. But I'm glad I was able to keep these shoes.

This is what I get to look at every time I look down at my feet :)

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