Saturday, March 17, 2012

Postmark Ping-Pong Tank

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I thought today would be a great day to finally break out my Ping-Pong Tank by Postmark that I actually bought a couple months ago with my Anthro birthday discount.

Item: Ping-Pong Tank by Postmark
Size: 0
Price: $68
Overal rating: 4/5

I really love the quirky print of this top. If you look closely enough, they are tiny ping-pong paddles. I like them because my husband likes to play ping-pong so of course it reminds me of him. It's a comfy cotton tank that you can easily slip on without having to undo the buttons or wear a cami underneath. There is a tiny snap closure between the top two buttons that's supposed to help prevent gaping. A lot of people have complained about the placement of this button because it should be placed a bit lower, but with my small bust I don't have an issue with this whatsoever. There's also some nice pleating on the front, which is a great detail, but I am dreading having to iron them after I give this a wash.

I like that you can just wear a regular bra with this top as it does not show in the front or the back. There's elastic on the back to allow a bit of stretch. And the button details on the straps are a nice touch.

The top is pretty short. I paired it with my Slouchy Riley Boyfriend Jeans by Lucky Brand, which are somewhat low rise and if I was standing a certain way, you could see a bit of skin on my lower back. A higher waisted pant can fix this problem though if the top is too short for you.  It does flair out a bit from the body, but I don't think that's a big deal. It actually makes it a more comfy top that helps hide any problem areas you may have. I really love this top and I was glad I was able to purchase this with my birthday discount and gift card. Otherwise, I honestly would not have purchased this as I think $68 is quite expensive for a cotton top. But it does have that fun, quirky print that I've come to expect from Anthropologie clothing. If this makes it to the sale rack, I would definitely recommend giving this top a try. 

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