Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet by Holly Cupcakes

Today is Mini-Mania Monday at Sweet by Holly, meaning all their mini cupcakes are $1 each (regularly $2 each). I think their cupcakes are absolutely delicious and I actually prefer them to CamiCakes, which used to be my local fave. My Mom says she doesn't like Sweet by Holly cupcakes because they have more of a muffin texture instead of a cake taste and texture. That's probably why I like them so much because I honestly don't even really like cake that much! I like how super-moist and yummy the mini cupcakes are. And they come in a ton of flavors, which is one of the main reasons I think they're better than CamiCakes. 

I made John take me to Sweet by Holly today to take advantage of Mini-Mania and indulge myself. I got a dozen!

1st row from top: white raspberry and chocolate strawberry X 2
2nd row: black out, red velvet, and chocolate strawberry
3rd row: strawberry,  red velvet, and banana
4th row: strawberry, red velvet, and cookies n' cream

My favorite flavor of anything is strawberry, which is a flavor that CamiCakes does not have. These were so delicious and I love the pink sprinkles on top.

This cupcake makes me smile because it looks like it has a face on it :) This was the banana cupcake, which is also one of my favorite flavors. It reminded me of banana nut bread - yum!

To the right is the white raspberry. The texture and taste of the frosting and sprinkles were soooo good. I didn't eat the jelly bean on top however because I just don't like them.

The chocolate strawberry, which is one of John's favorites.

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  1. How much are their regular size cupcakes?