Monday, March 5, 2012

Vera Wang Ballet Flats

I was shopping at Kohl's the other day, which is not a store I usually shop at. But I happen to be in the area and I needed to kill some time so I decided to wander in. I do like the Lauren Conrad for Kohl's line, but my local Kohl's doesn't ever seem to carry the full collection, and what is left isn't in my size (maybe I don't get there soon enough?) Anyway, I walked over to the shoe section and was immediately drawn to these Simply Vera Vera Wang Ballet Flats.

What initially attracted me was the Chanel-like two-tone color - cream with a black cap toe, just the type of shoe I was looking for. But upon closer inspection, I saw that they also had funky little spikes on the black portion - I wanted them immediately! 

Chanel meets Sam Edelman?

These ballet flats are super comfortable and I love the design and color. BUT they are shaped a bit funny, which I really didn't notice at first until my Mom pointed out that the front flips up so much that they reminded her of "elf shoes."

From my point of view wearing them, I didn't notice it and I didn't feel it either. But when I looked in the mirror from a side view, I thought they were sticking up a bit, but I'm just hoping that over time, they'll somehow flatten out (although I doubt this because they feel pretty stiff, but oh well. I still think they're cute). They are not made of leather - just man-made materials, with the black portion a satin-like material. I usually like leather shoes only simply for the better quality, but oh well. I tried on a size 7 and I'd say they fit pretty true-to-size. Anyway, I took them home with me, and at a good price, too. They were originally $64.99, on sale for $51.99. Plus, I had $10 store credit and a 15% off coupon, making my grand total around $37.

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