Friday, November 7, 2014

Haul + Review: Orla Kiely for Target Large Car Crossbody, Luggage Tag, Travel Wallet, and Wristlet

I finally received all of my Orla Kiely Target online purchases. I'm going to start with the Large Car accessories, including the Crossbody Purse, Luggage Tag, Travel Wallet, and Wristlet. Overall, I'm pleased with their design and functionality, but there are some cons - the polyester material seems prone to staining (in fact, a couple of the pieces arrived with marks on them already), and the Large Car design maintains the same scale on all of the items, which doesn't make much sense on the smaller pieces because you can't even tell they're cars anymore. Also, the car print has such a linear design that placement is key, and unfortunately the cars are not perfectly aligned on each piece.

This is a great purse for traveling or if you're going somewhere (such as an amusement park, sports event, or concert) and you need something lightweight, but will carry all of your essentials. I love all of the pockets, which includes one exterior pocket with button closure, and two zippered compartments. The only con I can think of with this purse is the pattern placement, which is not completely horizontal and doesn't quite line up where the zippered pockets meet (see left photo above). Still, a nifty little bag for keeping everything organized, and great for casual outings.

The inside lining is made of a thin, shiny polyester with a smaller car-printed pattern set upon a coordinating navy blue.

The main compartment of the purse has an interior pocket.

A second zippered pocket just below the main compartment reveals the same car-printed interior.

The strap is quite thin, but detachable and adjustable, and made of the same webbing material as the purses from Orla Kiely's original line.

This was the item I was most disappointed in. As you can see in the photos below, the scale of the pattern is too large that the design is lost. And I HATE to say this about an Orla Kiely item, but the quality of this luggage tag is on par with what you'd the dollar store (ouch, that hurts even me!) There are loose threads, snags in the material, peeling edges, and dirt marks. Maybe I got a defected piece, but I'm definitely returning this and will maybe inspect the other luggage tags and compare if I find them in store.

(If you weren't familiar with this design, would you still be able to tell these are cars?)

It might be difficult to see in this picture, but the blue pattern already had runs in the material, so there were white lines throughout.

Several spots were on the white portion of the cars.

The edges were peeling to reveal an orange lining.

BUT some nice features include the same small car pattern on the inside.

And an adjustable strap so you can easily secure it to your luggage.

Again, it pains me to say anything negative about an Orla Kiely item, but when I first opened this wallet, I thought, "There's a reason why Orla Kiely's wallets retail for $88-$198, and this one is...$20." It really came down to the material (the same polyester that will stain easily) and the pattern placement (which had the most obvious misalignment out of all the pieces I received. The product shot doesn't look like this, so again I might've gotten a defect, so I actually reordered this wallet and will have my fingers crossed until it arrives). 

Again, this wallet arrived with a few dirt marks.

The strap is non-detachable.

But some positives (and this post really needs them!) The inside features several pockets to keep everything organized.

On the left, there are eight credit card slots, a clear ID holder, and a buttoned strap to keep everything in place. Behind the slots are two additional pockets that extend to the length of the wallet. 

On the right is a logo tag, two more card slots, a zippered pocket, and a place to hold your passport. 

Here's a shot of me wearing the wallet on my wrist so you can get a sense for its size. It is quite large and will definitely make a great travel wallet as it's spacious enough to hold all of your cards and any documents you might need while traveling. Given its size, I don't know that I'd want to use this as my everyday wallet like I'd originally planned, so that's why I also purchased the wristlet...


The pattern placement was much better on the wristlet - the cars seem to line up well with the edges. 

There's one buttoned exterior pocket. 

There's a printed interior with three credit card slots and a place for your ID, which is the perfect space to hold my frequently used cards. I tend to carry around a lot of gift cards and rewards cards as well, so the rest of the space will be great for that.

This wristlet does not zip all the way around like the wallet.

The strap is non-detachable.

Nail polish color: OPI Angel With a Leadfoot
The wristlet is about 2 1/2" smaller than the travel wallet, making it more suitable for everyday use.

While the Large Car design is one of my favorite Orla Kiely patterns, there are some things to consider when purchasing any of these items. If you're able to find these in store, inspect each one for the best pattern placement and check for any loose threads, stains, or snags in the fabric. Keep in mind that some of these details might be unavoidable as these pieces are significantly less expensive than Orla Kiely's original line, but because this is such a classic and fun design, I think you'll still be able to find pieces you're happy with.


  1. Another awesome review! I bought 2 of the large travel wallets (one for me and one as a gift). Both of the travel wallets arrived in the travel wallet boxes each with its own plastic overwrap, which I have not yet removed. I don't see any defects, but that may just be because I haven't unwrapped them yet. I was disappointed with the size of the wallet -- much larger than a "continental style" wallet -- and not practical for what I envisioned using it for. Based on your review, I see that I should have ordered the smaller wallet, but I am on the fence about ordering it , since I agree with you that the scale of the design is overwhelming on these smaller pieces. I look forward to your future posts on Orla Kiely. BTW, your dress is so adorable -- is it an Orla Kiely?

    1. Thank you! :) I hope the print on your wallets is aligned better than mine. I'm definitely going to return the one pictured here and will hope that the one I reordered is better. Another reader commented that they noticed a place holder at Target for a "leaf wristlet" so maybe they are going to release the wristlet in different patterns! And yes, my dress is by Orla Kiely for People Tree :)

  2. Thank you for your awesome reviews! I especially liked the photos of you holding the wallets as they give me a better sense of the scale/size of the wallets. I love your detailed reviews. So I'm just being picky when I say that the only thing that was missing was a photo showing you with the crossbody bag. I always have a hard time picturing how big something will be from product shots.

    1. You're welcome! :) And I would've taken a photo of me wearing the crossbody except I'm actually going to return the one pictured here because I found out my mother-in-law got it for me as an early Christmas gift. So I didn't want to take off the packaging on the purse and the strap, but I will make sure to take a picture with the one I got as a gift!

    2. That's so great that you're getting it as a gift. Can't wait to see the photo. Thanks!

  3. ok - I'm a year late on this train - but I just bought the crossbody bag ... on clearance. I just got it home and realized that it doesn't have the strap .. unfortunately that just makes it a bag with zippers as there is no way to carry it. Do you happen to know of any way to get another strap? I love the bag and don't want to have to take it back ... :(

    1. Aw, that stinks! I just googled "shoulder straps" and you can purchase a replacement from Amazon. I mean, it's not the exact same one that originally came with the purse, but at least you'll have something so that you can carry the bag :)