Monday, November 10, 2014

Haul + Review: Orla Kiely for Target Small Cars Passport Holder, Luggage Tag, and Travel Case

The Small Cars items seem to be much better quality than those with the Large Cars pattern. They're still made of the same polyester material, but the cars are better aligned and the multicolored print makes it less prone to showing stains and dirt.

The cars are horizontal for the most part, except for a slight slope downwards on one side. The holder features a magnetic closure, small car printed interior, Orla Kiely logo tag, and navy blue faux leather pockets to keep your passport in place.

It is slightly larger than my other holder, which held my passport more securely than this one because the pockets were cut to the exact size of the passport. The Orla Kiely holder allows for a little more space, making it easier for you to take your passport in and out.

My passport fits snuggly inside my old holder.

And there's a bit more room to spare in the Orla Kiely holder.

Also, after I placed my passport inside, it was a little difficult to get the magnetic closure to latch on - I had to push down a bit so it would stay in place.

 Luggage Tag
This luggage tag is SO much better than the other one I got, which makes me think the other one really was a defect. I probably still won't reorder that one as I think one luggage tag is good enough. Plus, I like the smaller print better because you can actually see it on this smaller item.

There are no peeling edges and everything is sewn together well.

The only minor thing I noticed is where the hole for the strap is punched was not completely removed. I mean, it's not a big deal to remove it myself, but it's little details like that that make this more of a Target piece rather than an original Orla Kiely.

Overall, I LOVE this luggage tag and think it looks great on my suitcase (upcoming post on that soon!)

This travel case is so cute and there's many different options for its use. I can see myself using it to store makeup in my purse, pencils, or even sunglasses. I don't know if I'd want to use this as my everyday makeup bag because the material seems prone to staining, but it would make a good makeup bag for occasional travels. 

I did notice one of the cars had a white mark on it, as if it weren't completely colored in. Totally minor and definitely not a deal breaker, but just thought I'd mention it here.

Something else to note - there are no interior pockets. It simply opens up to reveal a small car print interior.

Lastly, the cars are lined up very well on this case!


  1. I got the passport cover and really like it. I think I will order the luggage tag too.

    1. The passport holder is definitely one of my favorite pieces for its construction and practicality. If you do order the luggage tag, I recommend the one with the Small Cars print so you can see the cars better!