Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: Orla Kiely for Target Yoga Bag

I absolutely love this yoga bag and think it probably has the best quality out of all the Orla Kiely for Target pieces out right now.The size (14" x 16" x 6") makes it versatile enough to use not only as a yoga bag, but as a work bag, diaper bag, etc. - there are so many possibilities! It fits easily over my shoulders and does not look too overwhelming on my 5'3" frame. The bag features a print very similar to the Giant Abacus Flower Print, except the flowers are much closer together and there are no vertical stems.

The exterior of the bag is made of a nice cotton that has a very good weight - not too light or flimsy, and it feels very durable and well made.

The design continues to the bottom of the purse, and has no feet.

There is an Orla Kiely for Target logo tag near the bottom of the purse. Here, you can see some loose threads, but those are such minor cons in an overall great bag.

The interior has a super fun and bright pink polyester lining that mimics the same pattern on the outside.

An Orla Kiely for Target logo tag is seen in front of the zippered interior pocket.

The pocket opens up to reveal the same lining.

There are two additional pockets that can be used to store your cell phone, wallet, etc.

The exterior pockets have two different linings - on one side there's cotton, on the other side there's polyester.

I love the faux leather details, which are reminiscent of Orla Kiely's Scribble Print.

My favorite detail are the handles - I love the mustard yellow color, which adds a fun contrast to the mod black-and-white palette.

A side view of the purse.
 Initially, I did not understand why this was considered a yoga bag - to me, it just looked like any other purse. But one of the exterior pockets has a double zip closure that you can open up on both sides to slide your yoga mat through (see left picture above). I don't do yoga, so of course I don't plan on storing a yoga mat there, but I can just easily leave one side closed and open up the other if I want to use it as additional storage.


  1. I agree- It is my favorite of all the items from this collection!

    1. Yup, it's quickly become one of my favorites as well (aside from the suitcases!)

  2. I scored one of these yesterday and I love it! Say do you have any idea when the Classic Multi Stem Big Zip Wallet that has said "coming soon" for quite awhile might actually be available?

    1. That's awesome! Good thing you did, too because I noticed online they were sold out. I just looked at the Orla Kiely website, and even though it still says "Coming Soon" I was able to add it to my cart. Give it a try! :)