Sunday, November 9, 2014

Orla Kiely Classic Multi Stem Bags and Accessories Coming Soon!

I'd been waiting for Orla Kiely to re-release her Classic Multi Stem range for years now, and it's finally going to be here soon! Although it's not exactly like the original - matte lamination instead of a shiny coating, a slightly different coloring (the original seems a bit more pastel and includes light blue leaves), a leather pocket on the front, and a navy Linear Stem jacquard lining as opposed to a brown Linear Stem cotton lining - I'm still excited for its arrival.

Years ago, Anthropologie sold one of the classic multi stem designs in a quite oversized bag that I absolutely loved. One of the sales associates at my local Anthropologie has it and every time I see her with it, I'm instantly smitten.

Listed as the Crayon Crocus Tote at Anthropologie

Here you can see the brown cotton lining that was used in many of Orla Kiely's original bags.

Anthropologie has some of the best product shots. Sigh - wish I could have this bag.

There have been similar releases over the years (the Multi Scribble Stem Print and the Nautical Stem Print), but there's just something about the original that I just love above all else.

Multi Scribble Stem Shoulder Bag
This was actually the very first Orla Kiely bag I ever owned, which was a gift from my husband back in 2008 or 2009. We had recently started dating at the time, and I don't think he fully understood my obsession of Orla Kiely back then, but he indulged me anyway :)

Nautical Multi Stem Shoulder Bag

When I first fell for Orla Kiely, I thought the Classic Multi Stem design was a permanent part of her collection, so I never felt in any rush to buy. But when it suddenly went out of stock, I was so sad that I never got a chance to add one of these pieces to my collection. I've searched eBay for years, but often the prices were far above retail or the item wasn't in the best condition. I would still like to own one of the original pieces, but this newer release is a nice alternative. The difficult part is choosing which piece I want!

I think this would be my first choice because the shoulder bag itself is also an original design. Classic design in a classic shape - two plusses!

This would probably be my second choice as I actually don't even own a single Midi Sling Bag (aside from my diaper bag).

This might actually be a little closer in size to the bag that was carried at Anthropologie, so I'm also leaning towards this one. I own one of these Shoppers in the Stripy Stem Print, but these newer ones have a zip closure and a jacquard lining, which I love. 

This would make a great travel bag.


Oh, and then there's the backpack. Oh, how I love these backpacks. Maybe because I'm a mother now and I just love the convenience of a backpack - roomy enough to hold my son's things and I can throw it over my shoulders while I chase him around.


Such a cute little pouch! Great for traveling or running quick errands.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I saw some reviews on Target's website for the plastic water bottles you recently reviewed. Apparently they leak! Just wanted to warn you.

    1. I actually read that review yesterday, so I tested it out myself and they were right - instead of water just pouring from the spout, it actually leaks a bit where the cap is pushed up. Very disappointed to discover this, but I'm trying to rationalize that at least it doesn't leak too badly and I think it's still functioning.