Sunday, February 8, 2015

Haul + Review: Orla Kiely Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling Blankets
This is a new Orla Kiely item at Target. It's not showing up online yet so you'll definitely want to check out your local store to see if they're in stock. I saw two different styles available - this one, which is for girls, and another one that has boy-themed prints.

Each set comes with four blankets.

There's a picture on the side to show a sampling of each print.

The patterns featured on these blankets are different takes on some of Orla Kiely's classic prints. Starting on the left is the signature Stem print with cute little hearts at the top. The second appears to be a new design with multi-colored flowers throughout. The third is very similar to the Apples and Pears print, while the last looks like the Love Heart print from the Resort 2014 collection.

Each blanket has a logo tag and washing instructions.  I'm thinking about removing them because they sorta get in the way.

So with my son now being two years old, you're probably wondering why I would possibly need swaddling blankets (in girly prints no less). Well, I'm actually going to use mine as...scarves.


Is this silly? Maybe. Will anyone notice? Probably not. And if they do, good for them for recognizing Orla Kiely :)

If you are going to use these as swaddling blankets, there are some instructions on the back on how to swaddle.

I decided to go for a couple different looks. For the first look, I tied the ends together and looped it around my neck twice to create an infinity scarf. I think this one's my favorite because I love those cute little hearts!

In my second look, I threw on a jacket and tucked the scarf inside, which adds a nice pop of color to any simple outfit. Something to note though is that these blankets are square-shaped (44" x 44"), so it didn't look good just tossing it around my neck. So I tucked it in my jacket to conceal it's shorter length.

They have a nice weight to them, and felt comfortable as scarves. I think the fun bright colors and patterns will make these nice transitional pieces from the winter to spring season - they'll add just a bit of warmth in cooler weather while feeling comfortable and lightweight.

My son saw that I was taking some photos so he wanted to jump in :) His favorite was the "apple" blanket.

He eventually tossed it on the floor and decided to take a "nap." :)

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