Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Orla Kiely Home Sale Back on Gilt

Orla Kiely's home sale is once again back on, along with a few leftover goodies from the last clothing, purses, and accessories sale.

Gilt price $90-$209 (originally $175-$263)

I'm never quite sure what to feel about this sale - on the one hand, they have bedding that's currently out of stock on Orla Kiely's site, so that's a plus. But on the other hand, they have individual pillows listed as "on sale" for $70 each, marked down from $165. But really $70 is the original price, so you're not saving anything. But then on the other hand, they are selling the rug I've been coveting forever for an excellent price (relatively speaking, that is. It's still pricey, but the listed price is the best you'll find anywhere). With all that said, I think I'm going to sit this sale out, but there are a still few good deals (such as these Tiny Stem Shams). Will you purchase anything from this sale?

Gilt price $509-$1009 (originally $1965-$3985)

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