Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Orla Kiely Spotted: Monica Seles with Abacus Flower Mug in B.E.D. Commercial

My husband and I were watching TV last night when a commercial featuring Monica Seles appeared. Let me go ahead and say right now that my husband hates commercials. I mean, absolutely loathes them. He usually either mutes the TV or changes the channel as soon as a commercial appears. But he loves tennis, so I think his interest was piqued a little when he saw Monica Seles on the screen. I, being into neither commercials nor tennis, paid no attention to the TV. But during the commercial, my husband suddenly yelled, "Orla Kiely!" So I immediately looked up, and sure enough, there was Monica Seles drinking from an Orla Kiely mug, while talking about her binge eating disorder.

This is a pretty random Orla Kiely spotting considering this mug is from the 2009 collaboration with Target (nevermind the fact that this commercial is about a disorder, and nothing fun or bright or happy at all). But I guess in a way, this commercial still served its purpose - to attract your attention and inform. Which it did...through a mug.

I also find it highly amusing that even my husband now (unintentionally) spots Orla Kiely.

Orla Kiely mugs
2009 Target collection


  1. I love that your husband shouted out "Orla Kiely". So cute!
    And go Monica for talking about your eating disorder. Hope it helps all the girls/women out there that suffer from an eating disorder.