Friday, February 13, 2015

Brabantia Orla Kiely Retro Bins

I honestly cannot get enough of Orla Kiely's classic Stem print. It's been reimagined in so many different ways over the years, and it's been printed on everything from clothing to kitchen accessories to even the soles of her shoe collection with Clarks. And I love it every time. So imagine my delight when I found that Orla Kiely has done it again, but this time with these charming retro trash bins.

Photo courtesy of Orla Kiely's Instagram

Orla Kiely released these delightful trash bins in collaboration with Brabantia, and sold exclusively at John Lewis. Unfortunately for us living in the United States, these are unavailable for international delivery. But if you are able to shop from John Lewis (online or in stores), you will be entered in a chance to win £500 worth of Orla Kiely home interior products simply by purchasing one of these bins between now and February 18. 

Available in Cream and Dark Grey
12L £95 (approximately $146)
20L £122 (approximately $188)
30L £132 (approximately $203)

I'm super torn on which color I like better. On the one hand, the red lid of the dark grey bin coordinates better with my kitchen because I have red appliances. I also think the dark grey color will help camouflage any dirt or spills, which are bound to happen in a kitchen. But I LOVE yellow - probably my favorite color - and it provides such a nice contrast against the retro black and white Stem print.

I think most people would deem $200 an absurd amount for a trash can, but seeing as how I paid about $180 for my Simple Human Fingerprint-proof Stainless Steel trash can, paying just a bit more for an Orla Kiely one doesn't seem that crazy. But then again, I'm a collector, so I could probably justify any price :)

Which one is your favorite? Make sure to also check out Will Taylor's Bright Bazaar Blog for more pictures - he has beautiful photography of these retro bins that'll make you want to get these right away!


  1. Gah!! I love these! I think I need to move to London…

  2. Maybe you've discovered this in the ensuing months, but Scandinavian Design will ship these to the US and shipping is quite reasonable (even free if you order $200 worth of stuff).

    1. Wow, that's amazing! Thanks for the tip :)