Friday, February 6, 2015

Orla Kiely Swaddling Blankets Now Available at Target

Hey everyone! I just came home from Target, and I wanted to write a quick post about a couple goodies I found...

Orla Kiely swaddling blankets!

$34.99 each
These aren't showing up online yet, so definitely check out your local Target to see if they're in stock. I had to visit a couple stores before I finally found these, and there was only one available in the style on the left, and three of the ones on the right.

There's a little side picture of the different patterns each set comes with. The patterns are not typical Orla Kiely prints, but they are cute nonetheless (I believe there's a third set available with the classic Stem print, but I didn't find these at the Target I was at).

I opted for the "girl set" because the prints look more classic Orla Kiely. I especially love the heart print - reminds me of my Love Heart Vinyl Willow Bag and it's perfect for Valentine's Day!

I'll write a more detailed Haul + Review post this weekend, but wanted to quickly share this find with you all! Hope you have luck finding it at your Target :) 

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