Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Purseday: Orla Kiely OK Box Bag

Fall/Winter 2015 Collection
Retail $342

This is such a cute little bag with a quirky design feature on the front - two pockets that incorporate Orla Kiely's initials.

At first I had a difficult time choosing which colorway I liked best. It was between this one and the Spruce colorway (I didn't particularly like the textured leather on the Cocoa version), and in the end I decided that I liked the Indigo one the best because it has a very classic/casual/chic look that reminds me a lot of Madewell's aesthetic. The Indigo is also a very interesting color because in some lighting it looks black, while in others you can see it's a very deep blue.

Here's the back of the purse, which has an Orla Kiely logo embossed on it.

The bottom of the purse has no feet.

Top of the purse. There's silver-colored zippers and hardware throughout.

The straps are slightly adjustable and snap into place.

Here is the biggest con of this purse - it only has one zipper pull for the main compartment. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but it means you have to unzip the purse all the way around to open it.

So I just unzip it to one of the corners so I can reach the contents inside.

There are gussets on the side so if you did just unzip it to the corner, you wouldn't really risk having anything spill out the sides. I mean, this works and all, but I would've preferred a double zip closure so I would be able to just unzip the top portion and pull out what I need. 

It looks like before these bags went into production, they did have a double zip closure, but for whatever reason, the company decided to do away with them. Just look at the photos below, which are from their London Fashion Week 2015 presentation, and you'll see that at one point, these bags had two zippers.

And then their product shots show only one zipper. Oh well, what can ya do?

The inside features a sand-colored Linear Stem Jacquard lining.

One zippered pocket.

And two open compartments with attached key ring.

The "O" pocket on the front also has the jacquard lining, while the "K" pocket does not.


  1. I wonder if they changed from two zippers to one zipper because in the pics, you can see the zipper pulls partially obscuring the "OK" design in the front. With one zipper, you have no choice but to pull it all the way down, so the front of the bag is "clean."

    1. Good point! I can totally see that being the case, but I would've still preferred two zippers and just pulled both of them all the way down so they wouldn't cover the OK design.