Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thursday Purseday: Orla Kiely Sixties Stem Punched Mini Bay Backpack

Fall/Winter 2015 collection
Retail $447

There is one open pocket on the front.

The zipper pulls and straps are black leather, and there's gold hardware throughout.

Here is the back of the purse.

There is an Orla Kiely logo embossed on the back.

There are two small D-rings to loop the straps through to create backpack straps, which snap in place.

One thing that I really liked about this purse is the option to convert it into a shoulder bag. HOWEVER, there are not enough button snaps to shorten the strap to the appropriate length for my frame, so it hits me about mid-thigh, which I think is far too low for a crossbody bag (see how it looks on me in a previous OOOTD post here). I'm actually considering taking it to a professional to get more button snaps put in so I can adjust it to the length I want, but it almost seems like too much effort and I'm a little afraid they might mess it up. But at the same time, I'm not using this purse as often as I'd hoped I would because I wanted to wear it as both a crossbody and a shoulder bag, so it feels worth it to spend the extra cost to get this purse how I want it to be so I can use it even more.

There is also a top handle so you could use it as a handbag or carry it in the crook of your arm as well.

However, the tops of the straps are not removable, so if you did want to carry this as a handbag, you'd have the straps hanging off.

The bottom of the purse has no feet, which was surprising to me because I thought all of Orla Kiely's leather bags had feet on them.

The inside is unlined and instead has a black leather interior.

There is a single open pocket with attached keyring.

This is a nifty little backpack that I think is the perfect size and I love how all the handles and straps are leather, unlike the rest of the collection, which have cotton webbing shoulder straps. But I'm a bit disappointed that the straps aren't adjustable to the length I want them to be, and almost want to exchange this backpack for the Sixties Stem Punched Ivy Bag because I love this Spruce colorway SO much and I want to be able to have a  crossbody bag from this collection. I'm still going to look into getting more button snaps put on the straps and will update you all if I do decide to go through with it.


  1. Nice bag whatever you decide. Do you think that Amazon will continue to stock Orla Kiely because I noticed that the resort bags (oval stem) available on Amazon are not stocked by Amazon but by a third party. I hope that they do continue because I get great deals there.

    1. Gosh, I hope so! That's where I get most of my bags as well because they have such great deals on them at the end of the season. I did also notice that they only have just a few of the Oval Stem bags, but you're right, they're not sold by Amazon. I'm hoping that the newer items will be available soon because I also like that Amazon offers free shipping!