Friday, April 1, 2016

New Orla Kiely Watches at ChrisElli

The Orla Kiely Time collection has expanded with new styles now available at ChrisElli. I'm so happy that we get to see a new season of watches (how wonderful would it be if Orla Kiely Time were a permanent part of the collection with new watches every season?) Below are the latest additions - some are simply new colorways of last season's watches, while others are brand new designs.

OK2104 ($140) and OK4034 ($175)
I love the Classic Multi Stem design on the watch face.

OK4040OK4042, and OK4044 $133
Wow, talk about Orla overload! I know I said that about the Frankie Watch last year, but this style definitely takes the cake. I actually think there's almost too much going on with this watch, from the multicolored stainless steel band to the Stem printed watch face in bright shades - it makes me dizzy just looking at it!

OK4046OK4048, and OK4028 $210
The Laurel watch is one of my favorites from last season and I still have my eye on the gold version. These newer colors are fun, but probably a bit too bright and bold for me. 

OK2120 ($105), OK4030 ($133), and OK4032 ($133)

OK2047, OK2076, and OK2094 $140
I actually quite like this simpler design. I usually don't care too much for rhinestones, but I think they look pretty here.

OK2049 ($126), OK2114 ($133), and OK2118 ($133)

OK4038 ($161), OK4036 ($161), and OK4013 ($140)
I love this watch in the gold mesh - I think it has such a simple and elegant design, and the dark navy blue face is a nice complement.

What do you think of these latest watch styles? How do you think they compare to last year's collection? And have you picked your favorites yet? :)

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