Friday, October 7, 2011

Date Night

Tonight, my husband took me out on a date. He made reservations at III Forks, a restaurant that neither of us had been to yet. We both got dressed up and had a romantic night out. Date nights are one of those things that I believe should be prevalent even in marriage. You need to have those nights where a lot of the excitement comes from getting ready - picking out a fabulous dress, putting on your makeup, and looking forward to an evening with your significant other. The anticipation of the night to come can evoke memories about the time you first started dating, when you were just getting to know each other, and how you fell in love. Dates are one of the little things that keeps a marriage romantic. They are those special evenings that my wonderful husband and I try to engage in as often as possible so we can reconnect after a stressful week and remind ourselves of why we love each other so much.

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