Monday, October 24, 2011

Once Upon a Time


Did anyone else watch last night's premiere of Once Upon a Time? It's basically a modern take on old childhood fairy tales. It begins with Prince Charming, Snow White (played by Ginnifer Goodwin!) and of course the seven dwarfs. Well, you know how that story goes (unless you're John, who was apparently deprived of these stories as a child.) But here's the difference. Out of anger and jealousy, the Evil Queen casts a spell on everyone so that they will be stuck in time, forced to live a miserable life for all eternity. Snow White and Prince Charming seek the help of Rumpelstiltskin (yes, Rumpelstilskin is in this show too, along with Jiminy Cricket!), who can see into the future. He tells them that their daughter (played by Jennifer Morrison, also known as "Zoe" on How I Met Your Mother) will be their only hope, and that she will return on her 28th birthday to save them all. So fast forward to modern times, Snow White is now a teacher and Prince Charming is in the hospital, and according to Emma's son Henry (whom she gave up for adoption when he was born), they don't realize who they are or that they've been cast under this spell.  But Henry does know that Emma is their only hope (and his only hope as well - he was adopted by none other than the Evil Queen herself). So he brings her to Storybrooke to help save Snow White and Prince Charming.

I know. Weird. But it was so good!

John and I watched it together, but I think I enjoyed it far more than he did. The show is a twist on fairy tales with a darker tone, making them more appealing to adults. Well, I'm hooked! I'm so excited for next week's episode. Now I finally have something to watch on Sundays!


  1. I forgot that it starts at 8pm. I was only able to watch about 20 minutes worth, so I missed the opening story (or history as you summarized it). I'll try to catch it this coming Sunday.

  2. Yeah, definitely watch it this Sunday - you'll really enjoy it!