Sunday, October 16, 2011

Odille Tarpan Buttondown

Tarpan Buttondown by Odille

Ok folks, what do we think of this mouse blouse? When I was at Anthropologie the other day, I was immediately drawn to it. At the store, the sleeves were rolled up, which I thought looked better than it does here in the picture. I really like the color combo, and I find the mice so cute and charming. Maybe I have a thing for mice?

If the print is a bit too bold for you, try pairing this top with a blazer or cardigan to help tone it down. Overall, I think it's a really fun and cute shirt. And hey, it would pair nicely with my new Ugg slippers! Although it is a good quality cotton shirt, I think $88 is a bit too much for it, so I will definitely keep my eye on this one and wait for a sale.

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