Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saving Money

In an effort to control my spending and therefore save money, I decided to come up with three rules that will help me accomplish my personal financial goals.

RULE #1: Shop from my own closet.
This should really be the most fundamental rule for all shopaholics. It should be our daily mantra that we silently tell ourselves when we see sale signs or new arrivals in stores. I know that I have more clothes than one should really need. And I really love every piece I own. So I have to start treating my closets like stores - a place for me to rummage through the racks and find little treasures that I haven't worn in awhile or at least find new and creative ways to wear my clothes so that they feel new.

Now this is not my closet - it's my DREAM closet, but sadly not my own. But it could be yours! The house this closet is in is actually for sale. Yup, for a cool $35,000,000 this closet could be all yours.

This house was actually featured on HGTV. The woman loved Chanel (obviously) and she had a huge collection of their classic quilted purses. I'm sure this woman has no problem shopping in her own closet.

Yes, it's a two-story closet. Filled with designer clothes.

RULE #2: Ignorance is bliss.
If I don't look at or go to the mall, then I won't know what sales are going on and as a result, I won't be tempted to buy. In theory, this will work. In reality, it will be like giving up smoking cold turkey. There will be withdrawal symptoms no doubt. But. I. Will. Be. Strong. 

RULE #3: Make my gift cards last.

I got several gift cards for Christmas and my birthday. So should the need for shopping arise, then I will use this "money" to treat myself to something nice. No harm in that, right?

So shopaholics! Who's with me?! If we stick together and support each other in this endeavor, then I think we'll get by. Anyone wanna join me? (Bueller? Bueller?)


  1. I also shop a lot, but I don't necessarily buy all the time. Sometimes, just looking is good enough for me. I still want to keep up & see what's new trendwise.

    1. I enjoy shopping too, even when I don't buy anything. I know I'll still flip through catalogues and magazines (and of course, to see what the celebrities are wearing). But I'm going to try to limit my "shopping" to my closets :)