Friday, July 18, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014: My Picks

Today, Nordstrom kicked off their annual anniversary sale, which features many new fall items at discounted prices for a limited time (prices go back up August 4). It's a great way to purchase items for the upcoming season, instead of waiting for them to go on sale after the season. Below are my favorites from the sale. 

Anniversary price $495 (after sale $695)
I am absolutely obsessed with these boots. I love the "mole grey" color and the subtle Burberry print peeking through. The wraparound buckles also add a nice touch. These boots just seem so cozy and comfortable and would look great paired with leggings this upcoming fall season.

Anniversary price $179 (after sale $265)
I love the classic black and the more subtle logo. If, like me, you've been wanting a pair of Tory Burch flats, now's the time to buy!

Anniversary price $131.90 (after sale $197.95)
Great to wear with jeans or skirts, and the slight V down the front helps to elongate your leg instead of cutting it off, as most booties tend to do.

Anniversary price $62.90 (after sale $95)

Anniversary price $31.90 (after sale $48)

Anniversary price $89.90 (after sale $145)
I love the retro cat eye shape and fun striping detail on the inside.

Anniversary price $129 (after sale $228)
I love anything with a scalloped design.

Anniversary price $87.90 (after sale $132)
I've always liked these baseball-style tees, but this one's even more unique because the sleeves and hem have a fun plaid print.

Anniversary price $52 ($93 value)
This is my go-to nightly cleanser, and such a great price. The smaller 8 oz. bottle is normally $23 alone at other retailers, but with this duo you also get a 32 oz. bottle with pump. This is pretty much the only cleanser you'll ever need to remove all your makeup, and one 8 oz. bottle alone has lasted me several months, so this could potentially last me all year. 

Anniversary price $149 ($221 value)
I have been itching to get one of these Clarisonics. I've read such wonderful reviews on them, and every time I get a facial or see a dermatologist, they're always recommending these to me. I'm opting for the "capri blue" color because my husband actually wants to use it, too :)

Anniversary price $29.50 (after sale $40)
I absolutely love walking into Anthropologie and smelling these Voluspa candles. They rarely go on sale, so now is a great time to purchase these wonderful-smelling candles.

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