Friday, July 4, 2014

Review + Haul: Wildfox Couture Jumpers/Sweatshirts

I've been on a huge Wildfox Couture kick lately. I think being on summer vacation has given me (almost too much) time to peruse YouTube and find many beauty gurus' fashion hauls featuring this brand. I'd first taken notice of this brand a few years ago when all the celebrities were wearing the Lennon Sweater, and I must admit, back then I thought these oversized sweaters were unflattering. But just as fashion evolves, so have my tastes. With the return of 90's oversized grunge, I've let go (just a little) of my tastes for well tailored clothing and have embraced the looser, slouchier look.

And I think a lot of it has to do with The Mindy Project. I started watching this show from the beginning and instantly fell in love with Mindy's character. And then I quickly took notice of her clothing. She is frequently seen wearing Wildfox Couture, and each time she looks so effortlessly fashionable.

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So I became obsessed and would constantly peruse the internet for these comfy jumpers, which led to perusing YouTube for sample sale haul videos. And then yesterday I decided to check out Saks Off 5th and found some pretty good deals on a few jumpers.

Wildfox Couture Eiffel Tower Jumper
Size XS
Saks Off 5th sale price $47.99 (originally $79.99)
It's true what everyone says about these sweaters - they are the softest things ever. But pricey! I'm absolutely shocked that I would spend nearly $50 on a sweatshirt, but they are so comfortable and the designs are quirky that I felt I could somewhat justify the price. Plus, these jumpers originally retail for $100+ so $50 isn't so bad (although I hear these usually go for about $30 at sample sales - oh how I wish I lived in California sometimes!) This Eiffel Tower one caught my eye because my husband and I have been to Paris before and it reminded me of our vacation together. I had the hardest time deciding which sizes to get. They are meant to be worn oversized and baggy, but I just couldn't decide how baggy I wanted them to be. In the end I decided on the XS, but am stilling having some regret because I think I might actually want it to be baggier. The sleeves are quite long, going way past my hands so I had to bunch them up at my wrists, but again, it's meant to have that casual vintage look. 

Wildfox Couture Geek Bunny Jumper
Size S (there was no XS in this sweater)
Saks Off 5th sale price $47.99 (originally $79.99)
Here's what a small looks like. Just slightly baggier, but I like it! Kinda makes me wanna exchange my extra-smalls for smalls. I keep on looking at styling photos online and I think this is one of the rare times that baggier looks better. I was attracted to this sweater because my son, who's about 20 months old now, just recently learned the word "bunny" and says it constantly, so this cute sweater reminds me of him :)

Wildfox Couture Ice Cream Jumper
Size XS
Saks Off 5th sale price $47.99 (originally $79.99)
I had been wanting this particular sweater for a long time simply because I love ice cream! The white is a bit too stark white for my taste - I kinda wish it were more of an off white, creamy color, but the ice cream cone makes up for that :)

Wildfox Couture Shopping Is My Cardio Jumper
Size XS
Saks Off 5th sale price $50.99 (originally $84.99 - this was the sweater I wanted the most so naturally it was the most expensive)
This is by far my favorite one because it couldn't be more true! I do work out, but I absolutely hate cardio. I still do it, but begrudgingly (in case you're curious, my workouts consist of a combination of weight training and cardio - I usually do 4-5 sets of weights with 5 minutes of cardio in between, just to break it up. I can't do cardio for too long because I get bored...and because I hate it that much!) I don't care too much for the ombre look of this sweater, but I love the saying so much that I can overlook that. I even own a tank top version of this sweater in yellow that I love and is perfect for summer.

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