Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review + Haul: Sam & Libby Ashland Studded Sandals



I've always had a love/hate relationship with Birkenstocks. When I was a teenager, I was fascinated with them and I wanted a pair so badly, even though everyone thought they were unflattering and ugly (and this was in the 90s when they were actually popular). But with their $100+ price tag, I let them go and forgot all about them.  And then I found these.

And my love/hate relationship turned to love once more.

Are they still ugly? Maybe. And if you're asking my husband, he would say most definitely and deem them a deal breaker. And if you're asking a majority of America, they would agree. But somehow I just don't care and I love these anyway. They are not Birkenstocks (15 years later, I still can't stomach the $120 price tag), but I'd say they're pretty darn close. At least in looks. They are only made of man-made materials in Vietnam, as opposed to leather in Germany. But that's why these were on clearance at Target for only $20, a much better price especially given that they're super trendy right now and look pretty close to the real thing. I definitely didn't want to invest a lot of money in something that could easily swing back into a "hate" relationship. 

These do look and feel very much like real leather, and they have interesting gold studs along the sides. They feel quite sturdy so I don't think they'll fall off. The bottom reminds me of cork board, and the footbed feels like suede and is thick and slightly cushioned. I've never even tried on a pair of Birkenstocks so unfortunately I can't compare the fit. But I can tell you these feel amazingly comfortable. The buckles are functioning and have a velcro closure in case you need to adjust anything. 

I took my usual size 7, which is the perfect fit. As for styling options, so far I see myself wearing them with skinny jeans or drapey pants with a slouchy tee. Or with shorts or boyfriends jeans and a feminine blouse. For other styling options, check out this great post at Chic Obsession. I got more excited after seeing this post as the styling options look endless!

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  1. I just got these last week and a pair for my sister, too! She wears a 7.5 but I got her an 8, I hope it fits. She won't get them until we see each other again...whenever that may be. I almost thought you were also wearing a pair of Pure and Good pants from Anthro that I have on, but they don't have that cuff at the bottom. BTW, love all your Orla reviews...def look cute in those sunglasses!

    1. Hi Gemma! I'm actually wearing the Mossimo Junior's Skinny Lounge Pant in Heather Gray that I got from Target recently. They are super comfy and I love them! I went to Orlando over the weekend and got a few compliments on my shoes - people were shocked that I just got them at Target - some people actually thought they were high-end or designer! I also did a lot of walking in them in Orlando and they held up well and my feet didn't hurt at the end of the day, which makes me love these sandals even more. Hope you and your sister (eventually) enjoy them! :)