Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review + Haul: Orla Kiely Tilda Sunglasses

$69.99 at Costco (retail $245)
I recently wrote about how I'd discovered that Costco sells Orla Kiely frames. I finally got around to opening a membership and purchasing a pair, specifically the Tilda Sunglasses in Bone (Costco has the Grace Sunglasses available for $69.99 as well). My membership fee with taxes was about $55 and the sunglasses with taxes was about $75, bringing my grand total to $130, which is a great price considering these sunglasses retail for $245.

The sunglasses come with an equally cute case.

And a lens cloth. Honestly, I was probably just as excited about the case as I was about the sunglasses. Orla Kiely is great about all the little details, even when it comes to packaging.

Side note: When I purchased these sunglasses, the cashier noted how they matched my purse (seen above). I told her I collected this particular brand, and she said she'd never heard of it. I tend to get that a lot, but then people will always compliment how cute the prints are.

The color of these sunglasses is listed as "bone." The top portion with the stems is more opaque white, while the rest of the frame is more of a see-through white. The lenses have a dark blueish-black tint.

This is my first pair of polarized lenses. I'm honestly not entirely sure I see a difference, but my husband swears by polarized lenses and thinks it's the only way to go.

An Orla Kiely logo on the inside.

One of the reasons I love these sunglasses is the fun stem print at the top, which up close appear to be navy blue.

Although the sides appear black in the photos above, they are actually a dark navy blue, matching the stems on the front.

They're very comfortable on and do not slide down my nose. They also sit far enough away from my eyes so my eyelashes don't brush up against them when I blink (I tend to have this issue with some of my other sunglasses). They are also a good size - just the right amount of oversized without being cartoonish.

I love the retro shape and how they add just a hint of fun to any outfit.

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