Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reviews: Altuzarra for Target

Today was the launch of Altuzarra for Target. I'd browsed the lookbook online the last couple of weeks to pick the pieces I liked the most to prepare for today. There was nothing I was really that excited about, but I still like to go to these launches anyway because I find them fun. And in Jacksonville, you never know what kind of crowd will turn up. There have been times in the past when there's an actual line outside, but then other times when I'm the only one there. So whenever I make the 5 minute drive to my local Target, I'm anxious. Will there be a long line of women that I have to compete with? Or will I be able to leisurely shop around? Will the pieces I want to try on even be there? And if they are, what if there's only one of them and the girl in front of me snatches it before I do? Yep, these are all things I worry about on the day of these launches, but I somehow still find it fun to go anyway.

My experience this morning was very easy. I pulled in to the parking lot literally as they were unlocking the doors. There was no line in sight, but that's because the few women who were there for the launch (and there were only three of us) were waiting in their cars. So the three of us briskly made our way inside, but it seemed like we were all looking for different pieces so there was no sense of competition. We all easily and quickly made our choices and headed to the fitting room. I picked up a couple items I'd been eyeing online, as well as a few pieces I wanted to try on for fun. The Target I went to had a little more than half the collection (they did not have the sleep sets, long dresses, trench coat, tuxedo separates, or knee-high boots, which were all big ticket items). They had two of each size in everything else, except the Ankle Boots, which were only available in one size each. 

I have to mention here that I met the nicest lady there, who was also shopping the collection. We exchanged polite conversation about the pieces we wanted, what she ordered online, and the items we were disappointed weren't in stock. We also gave each other tips on which Targets were the best to hit up for these collaborations. When she left she said, "It was nice meeting you! I'll see you at the next collaboration!" I love meeting women who are just as nuts about fashion as I am!

And now onto the reviews!

For reference, I am 5'3", 110 pounds, 32A bust, typically a size XS in tops, 0-2 in dresses, 25-26 in jeans.

Size XS
This was the one clothing piece I was most excited about because it's definitely my style. The orchid print is lovely, and the design makes it perfect for work, but the satin material makes it an easy transitional piece for after work. I especially loved the top button with the Altuzarra logo. My usual size XS fit perfectly, except the sleeves were far too long. However, most of the lookbook photos had this shirt styled with the sleeves pushed up (see below) which I think looks much better and more polished. However, if this is how the shirt is meant to look, I wish they would've just made it a three-quarter sleeve length. Even though the cuffs of the sleeves felt tight around my forearm, I'd worry that they'd eventually slip down during the day so I'd have to be really conscious about keeping them pushed up to maintain the look. The material was also extremely wrinkly, but nothing an iron couldn't fix. Overall, it's such a pretty blouse, and I think it'd look great tucked into a pencil skirt for work and then skinny jeans and high heels for after work.

Size XS
I tried on this sweater more for fun because I know it was at the top of a lot of people's wish lists, so I wanted to give it a review for those curious about the fit. First of all, my usual size XS fit perfectly, but the sleeves were too long once again. I don't know how the model was able to wear it off-the-shoulder as I felt the neckline wasn't big enough to style it that way. The material felt cheap and seemed like it would pill and wear out easily. But the main reason I'm giving this sweater a bad review is the crane embroidery. It was surprisingly SO heavy! I felt a literal weight on my shoulders. Definitely not the cozy comfy sweater I was expecting. 

Size XS
The first thing I thought when I tried this dress on was, "I look SO dowdy!" The XS fit fine, although the sleeves were a tad tight and it was a little tough getting out of as there is no stretch whatsoever. I think this would look wonderful on a woman with curves and a bigger bust, but on my smaller frame, it just fell short. I think the neckline makes this more of a party/date night dress, although wearing a cami underneath might make this work appropriate. It's made out of the same material as the Oxford Shirt above, so it's very wrinkly, but again you could fix that with an iron. The overall design, deep purple hue, and orchid print are beautiful, and would look amazing on someone who has the perfect body for it. 

Size XS
Some elements of this dress are my style, and some are not. First of all, I like the swiss dots throughout and the simple black color. What I don't like are the tassels that fall from the neckline and the gold embellishments. Take those away, and this would've been more of a 4/5 dress for me. The fit is perfect and the elastic waistband made this dress really easy to put on and take off. However, the cuffs have a button closure and I was able to just squeeze my hands through without unbuttoning them. I don't mind the sleeves bunching up at the ends like I did with the Oxford Shirt and Sweater above, as I think this lends to the peasant look.

Size 7
I was really excited about these shoes, but I was afraid that the pointed toe would be too tight or the heels would be too tall. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these boots were! They didn't pinch my toes at all and the heels were the perfect height. They somehow give the illusion that they're much higher than they are. All the details are awesome (see photo below), which include a wraparound buckle, lace-up front, and croc-embossed detailing. My only concern is how pointed the toes are. I almost felt they looked like witch's shoes! I wish the toe were more rounded, but the pointy toe adds to the tough-yet-girly vibe of this shoe. They felt substantial and well made, and the material did not look or feel cheap at all. They looked and felt close enough to real leather.

Size S/M
This belt was at the top of my wish list, which is funny because I think this would mark the first time ever I was more excited about an accessory than the clothes. In the weeks leading up to this launch, I kept looking at photos of how this belt was styled with several pieces. I loved the way it cinched in the waist and seemed to complete the outfit. Some of the model shots, however, looked a bit extreme. Like, "Is their waist really that tiny?" But it's really not that small in real life. In fact, I have the belt set to the smallest setting in these photos, and I was still able to move it up and down a bit, so it wasn't too tight at all. I love the gold hardware and croc-embossed texture, which doesn't look cheap at all. What I didn't like (and the only reason I gave this belt a 4/5 instead of a 5/5) is how the end just sorta sticks out. You can see this better in the photos below. In the model shots, it doesn't stick out that far, but on me it does. There's no additional loop to stick the end through so it doesn't stick out, so I'll probably just have to roll it up the end and leave it overnight so it sorta molds to the shape I want it to hold.

What did you think of the latest designer collaboration with Target? Did you buy anything this morning?


  1. So jelly you got the belt! ;) What a great review! I did one too if you wanna check it out:

    Following you on IG now too!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Hi Dawn! Thanks for reading my reviews. The belt was my only purchase, and I'm so happy with it. I'm jealous you got the Flounce Skirt! That was not available at my Target. Your outfit pictures looked lovely, and I think the Faux Fur jacket looked so chic on you! :)