Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reviews: J. Crew Sterling Jacket, Quilted Puffer Jacket, Skinny Trouser Sweatpant, and Broken-In Boyfriend Jean

I stopped by J. Crew this weekend to check out their new arrivals, which are all currently 25% off. I picked out a few of my favorites to try on. Check out my thoughts on them below.

For reference, I am 5'3", 110 pounds, 32A bust, typically a size XS in tops, 0-2 in dresses, 25-26 in jeans.

Sterling Jacket
Size XXS
I really tried on this jacket more for fun. I do love military-inspired jackets and I already own the Downtown Field Jacket, which is probably one of my favorite jackets. I was curious to see how this version would look with its longer length. I do like the casual look of it and the dark green color, but I guess I just don't prefer the longer looser fit of this jacket. I'm already in an XXS, and I felt like it was too big on me, although I know that's probably how it's supposed to look. I'm curious how a petite would look on me. Probably a bit better, but I think I'll stick to the Downtown Field Jacket for now. 
Size XXS
I had been searching for a quilted jacket as an alternative to a much pricier Burberry jacket I want. On the hanger, this one looked like it would be it, but on me it falls short. First of all, I love the darker forest green color - unexpected and different. The material feels so soft and cozy, and the gold hardware adds a nice touch. I felt very comfortable in my usual size XXS, and there was still enough room underneath to layer a bit, but not a lot. It just didn't look that good on me. I think I'm looking for something a bit more tailored, and while I know this is a "puffer" jacket, it poofed out a bit more than what I'd like and made me look a bit too broad shouldered. If you look at the model shot, it looked very tapered at the waist, which I really like, but it didn't look that way on me - just looks more straight and boxy. So this jacket is a pass, unless I can try it on in a petite size to see if that'll help with the fit.
Size XS
I love the track pant trend, but I'm still searching for the perfect pair with just the right amount of slouch, but also with enough details to keep it from looking too loungey. This pair comes pretty close. I like the drape and comfort, and the XS was the perfect fit sitting just at my waist without any pinching. But the material is a bit too thin as you can see any tiny bump and bulge underneath, which makes these seem more like lounging pajama pants than actual pants you can wear outside. I think the length was fine for my 5"3" frame,  but don't look quite as tailored as the model shot. What I do love though about these pants are the pockets and button closure and tie, details that make these look more like trouser pants as the name suggests. $70 is extremely pricey in my opinion for what are essentially sweatpants that are trendy right now, but probably won't be in a few months. If these pants were sold at any other time, they'd probably be sold for much less, but retailers are smart and know to charge more for this trendier piece.  I often ask my husband for his opinion because he's not swayed by trends like I am, and he laughed and thought they looked ridiculous. So the price tag, thinner material, and my husband's reaction sent these back to the rack.

Size 24
First of all, these run large. I usually wear a size 25, but when I held them up to look at the waist, my husband laughed and said they looked huge. So down to a 24 I went, which fit perfectly around my waist. Sizing down made them fit better, and did not take away from the relaxed look. I am always searching for the perfect boyfriend jean. I own several pairs already, but each one fall just short somehow - either too long, not enough slouch, or not quite the wash I want. This one is another pair that falls short. On the display table, they looked awesome - a great vintage wash and perfectly broken in. On me I thought they looked sloppy. That's probably my number one issue with finding the right pair - I want a pair that has a slouchy relaxed look, but still tailored and polished enough to keep it from looking shapeless. I know these pants exist because I see them all the time on other women! I'm starting to think I simply do not have the body type to pull these jeans off. I was telling my husband that maybe it's my height that's throwing everything off. I tried adding a thinner, more rolled up cuff to tidy it up (see the third picture), and imagined myself wearing them with higher heels, but that wasn't enough to convince myself that these were the pair I'd been searching for.

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