Friday, March 20, 2015

Orla Kiely SS15 Mainline: Sixties Stem Punched Leather in Fawn and Pink

Spring is here and Orla Kiely is back again with her Sixties Stem Punched Leather collection, this time in the colors Fawn and Pink. While this collection has been available on the UK/Worldwide site for several weeks now, it's finally debuted on the US site. The Sixties Stem seems to have become a permanent part of Orla Kiely's line as it's been used for the past few seasons now, but there are some slight changes and additions in both aesthetic and functionality to keep the collection fresh, many of which are seen on the Ivy Bag.

Last season's bag had a metal clip closure, whereas this season's version has a magnetic closure. The colors appear almost identical here, but the Fawn colorway is just a tab bit lighter.

The older version consisted of two pieces stitched together on the sides, and now it's one seamless piece. Also, the handles are now attached to the top instead of being looped through the front and back. I really like this change because the top handle on the older version would kinda hang off the side awkwardly whenever I wore it as a crossbody, and the metal rings and grommets did tend to make a bit of noise whenever I moved around. I think placing the handle at the top creates a cleaner look, and I also like how there are two separate rings to attach the long leather strap instead of attaching it to the same rings with the top handle (see pictures below).

There's also the addition of the leather logo pocket on the back.

Sixties Stem Punched Leather Ivy Bag
Fawn and Pink
You'll notice some price increases with this collection. Most are about 10% more expensive, but the most notable jump is with the Flat Zip Purse, which increased by 36%. I can't recall the last time I've seen a price increase from Orla Kiely, but I know this is something higher-end brands do every season, so at least Orla Kiely is able to keep her prices pretty steady from season to season. The price increase is still a bummer, but it's to be expected from time to time, especially given the design changes seen here. 

Sixties Stem Punched Leather Margot Bag
Fawn and Pink

Sixties Stem Punched Leather Juniper Bag
Fawn and Pink
The Juniper Bag is a brand new addition to Orla Kiely's leather collection. We've seen the similar Foldover Tote with the nylon collections, but this leather version has a zip opening on the back, which allows you to access the main compartment of the bag without having to unfold the top flap.

Sixties Stem Punched Leather Olivia Bag
Fawn and Pink
£329 (approximately $495)
This bag is not showing up on the US site yet, but is available from the UK/Worldwide site.

Sixties Stem Punched Leather Poppy Bag
Fawn and Pink

Sixties Stem Punched Leather Big Zip Wallet
Fawn and Pink

Sixties Stem Punched Leather Flat Zip Purse
Fawn and Pink

Sixties Stem Punched Leather Small Zip Purse
Fawn and Pink
Another addition is this cute little zip purse. I'm all about small wallets because I already have enough in my purse as is. I also like being able to grab this and go if I need to run a quick errand.

Which ones are your favorites from this collection? I'm always a fan of the Ivy bags, especially for work, and I'm also intrigued by the Juniper bag because I don't have anything like it in my collection yet.

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