Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Purseday: Orla Kiely Classic Multi Stem Backpack Tote

Happy Orla Kiely Thursday Purseday!

What I'm Wearing:
Level 99 Tanya High Rise Skinny Jeans

When this version of the Multi Stem print came out, I had a tough time deciding which purse I liked the best. I finally narrowed it down to this backpack simply because I've been loving these backpacks lately and I've been getting so much use out of them, especially with toting around my 2-year-old's things :)

Etc 2014 Collection
Retail $188

Back of the purse with adjustable shoulder straps.

The bottom has feet.

The pattern does not line up on the sides.

Top of the purse.

There's a large front exterior pocket with zip closure.

A leather logo pocket.

The zippers are made of leather and also have the Etc logo.

The handles and straps are made of a grey nylon webbing with a contrasting tan color on the other side.

The straps are securely fastened with studs and the ends are concealed with an extra piece of material that's sewn on.

I do want to note that the pattern does seem to vary from purse to purse. If you look at the stock photos online, the Stem pattern is perfectly aligned on the front pocket, instead of being cut off at the top like it is on mine. So I'd recommend inspecting a few in store if you have the chance, just so you can pick out the best placement - I purchased mine online so I didn't have a choice. It's definitely not a deal breaker, but I'm big on pattern placement so I thought I'd share that with you all. 

The interior features a navy Linear Stem jacquard lining.

One side has two pockets and an attached key ring.

The other side has a zippered pocket with the Etc logo underneath.

The lining continues inside the pocket... well as the exterior pocket.

Nail polish color: Revlon Colorstay Indigo Night

I've been getting a ton of use out of this backpack and its bright cheery colors will definitely make this a staple during the spring season, which officially starts tomorrow :)

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