Monday, March 9, 2015

Orla Kiely Ditsy Print Sunglasses Found at Costco

I ran some errands at Costco this weekend, and I was delighted to find a new pair of Orla Kiely sunglasses!

Although I bought the Tilda frames there last summer, I'm still kicking myself for not also purchasing the Grace Sunglasses. I'm also mad at myself for not getting a pair of prescription eyeglasses because now they're all are sold out as well. I asked one of the sales associates if they would ever be restocked, and she seemed doubtful. So I was SUPER happy to find these sunglasses (could this mean more Orla Kiely frames to come?! Let's hope so!).

I'm not too familiar with the style name of these sunglasses as I was unable to find an exact match from either of Orla Kiely's websites. The closest I could find were the Meghan Ditsy Print Sunglasses, but only because of the print and not because of the frame.

I love the tortoise frames and brown lenses, although I wish the lenses were just a tad bit darker. I felt  I could still see my eyes through them when I looked in the mirror, which makes me wonder how well they'd be able to block out the sun. They do say "polarized", but the Tildas I bought last summer were also polarized, but I honestly can't see the difference between them and some of my non-polarized lenses. But when I tried on my husband's polarized sunglasses, I could definitely tell the difference - I didn't have to squint at all, whereas with the Orla Kiely sunglasses, I still have to squint a  little bit. So I don't think these are actually polarized, especially given the fact that they are not advertised as such on Orla Kiely's website. They do have a retro look, with just the slightest cat-eye shape. They are admittedly a bit smaller of a lens than what I would normally go for, but they are still a great size and I adore the side Ditsy print, which is a combination of navy blue, light brown, and cream.

Usually, Orla Kiely's sunglasses retail for over $200, and these are just under $70. Quite the steal in my opinion! And it looks like these are fairly new according to the date printed on the price tag (2/22/15). When I discovered the Tildas and Graces last summer, they were in stock for a few months before they were sold out, so I'd imagine these will be around for a bit, just in case you're unable to purchase these or get a Costco membership right away. I'll check back frequently, as my husband and I are there often enough, and report back any other new finds (hopefully, the eyeglasses will make their way back soon!)


  1. Hi! I found your blog when I was researching "Orla Kiely sunglasses" as I saw the ones you posted about last summer at costco. My costcosold out of then but then I saw one of them at a different location! The employee helping me said theycohld be ordered from different stores, which is great to know since I thought they were permanently sold out! Just a little fyi!

    1. Hi Judy! That's great to know. I'll inquire about locating those eyeglasses because I'm still so bummed that I missed out on them! Thanks for the info :)

  2. Excuse all my typos, writing this from my iPhone... :)