Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Orla Kiely SS15 Etc: Flower Spot Print in Driftwood and Pebble

Orla Kiely introduced a line of nylon bags last season, and it looks like this collection is here to stay. It seems, though, that fans are split between either loving this low-maintenance style or hating the different material. I mean, I get what Orla Kiely is trying to do with these nylon collections - provide the same signature style at a lower price point. I do love the patterns that these bags have been available in (Buttercup Stem, Little Sweetpea, and now the Flower Spot). I also like the casual look of the nylon. But it is a bummer that these bags are unlined, and even with the lower price point and low-maintenance material, I'd still prefer these bags in a matte laminated finish. I even mentioned last season that I think it would be amazing if the Foldover Tote were available in a leather finish, and it seems that the powers that be thought so too, as it's now available in a Sixties Stem Punched leather

The Flower Spot collection is available in two colors this season - Driftwood and Pebble. I am quite fond of the Driftwood colorway, mainly because it reminds me of my wedding colors of brown and light blue (the inspiration for my wedding actually came from my all-time favorite Orla Kiely print, the Flower Blossom, which has brown scribble stems and teal accent flowers). So I'm happy to see this color combination again in a new pattern (which, by the way, has a quatrefoil design, another favorite of mine).

Flower Spot Printed Mini Nylon Box Bag
£59 (approximately $91)
The "mini" box bag is actually a pretty good size. I have it in the Buttercup Stem print in Slate, and I was actually quite pleasantly surprised when I received it in the mail and found it to be much larger than how it looked pictured on the model. I can easily fit my wallet, makeup bag, mini umbrella, cell phone, and keys in here.

Flower Spot Printed Nylon Large Box Bag
£89 (approximately $137)
I'm trying to imagine how large this bag will look in person considering it's not-so-mini cousin above is already pretty spacious.

Flower Spot Printed Nylon Zip Handbag
£79 (approximately $122)

Flower Spot Printed Nylon Foldover Tote
£79 (approximately $122)

Flower Spot Printed Nylon Zip Shopper
£69 (approximately $107)

Flower Spot Printed Nylon Backpack
£79 (approximately $122)
Ah, and another backpack! I recently chaperoned a field trip to an estuary, and it was suggested that we bring backpacks with us to carry our supplies and such. Well, the only backpacks I have now are Orla Kiely and I certainly didn't want to risk getting any of them dirty as we walked through mud, sand, and water (I mean literally, my students were knee-deep in water and mud, digging out fish, crabs, and whatever they could find with their bare hands). So when I saw this nylon version, I thought it would be ideal for a trip like this - practical enough to carry your items and easy enough to wipe clean.

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