Sunday, April 19, 2015

Haul + Review: Lilly Pulitzer for Target Shorts and Sandals

This post does not feature Orla Kiely, but instead another fabulous print designer, Lilly Pulitzer!

Today was the launch of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection. And I must say, I've never had such a stressful time shopping one of these collaborations before! It all started early this morning around 1:45 am. In the past ten years that I've been shopping these collaborations (anyone remember Luella for Target?!) I have never gotten up in the middle of the night to shop the collection online. But I've heard other women being able to easily purchase items that they've wanted and not have to worry about waking up early to hit the stores, so I decided to give it a go this time. Target did not release any official time that the collection would go live, but I'd heard that 3 am was the magic time (I was only up at 1:45 am 'cause I simply couldn't sleep). So I hopped on my computer to see if maybe the collection was available a little early, and it wasn't, but I decided to check social media to see if anyone else was having luck, and it turns out that some women were able to add items to their cart by googling specific items on their mobile devices. This seemed to only work for a few items, and they were not the ones that I was interested in. So I decided to blog here to pass the time (see my previous OOOTD post here). Around 2:45 am, I decided to try my luck again, and I found more items through google search, but was having difficulties adding them to my cart as Target's site kept crashing and my items kept disappearing from my cart. So I waited a little bit longer and around 3:15, it seemed like the collection was officially for sale as I was able to shop the collection on Target's site without having to google the items first. I added the items I wanted pretty easily, but I guess I took too long deciding on certain items because by the time I tried to checkout, so many error messages kept coming up and Target's site crashed on me once again. My cart emptied out, and the whole process was so frustrating that I decided to throw in the towel and head back to bed to get a few hours' sleep and try my luck at my local Target instead.

So around 7 am, I got up, ate breakfast, and got dressed. Usually, I don't leave my house until 7:50 am for these releases because it only takes me about 5 minutes to drive to Target and quite honestly, I've always felt a bit silly getting to Target so early and standing in line. But I checked social media and so many women reported long lines already, so I decided to head out a little early. I got to Target around 7:45 am and there were probably 50 people in line already, the most I had ever seen at one of these releases (usually there's only about 5 women tops, including myself). I was quite taken aback, so I scurried in line and waited with everyone else. I was also surprised by all the women who decided to dress up in Lilly Pulitzer. I'm used to seeing everyone in sweats and no make up. But there they were, in their shift dresses and heels, super perky and happy with their cups of Starbucks, and I thought to myself, "So this is my competition." I am not an aggressive person by any means, but I know that when it comes to these launches, you have to be pretty quick and ruthless if you wanna get the pieces you've been eyeing. So I became even more anxious than I already was...

Around 7:58 am, women stared yelling and cheering, so a Target employee let us in early...and it was total MAYHEM! Everyone was running and just grabbing whatever they could. I was so overwhelmed, but was able to locate the display with all the sandals, the number one thing I wanted, and I just quickly grabbed a pair in my size, along with the last size small of the pink shorts (which I admit were not on my wish list, but I got caught up in the frenzy. I did end up taking them home with me because I thought they were very cute and the bright pink is super preppy and very Lilly Pulitzer). I then headed over to the beauty section, where I picked up three L'Oreal lip glosses that I ultimately put back because I realized I didn't truly want them or need them (although I loved the Orange Tempo color). I'm actually surprised I didn't pick up any of the Essie nail polishes (especially the color Mesmerized, which was a fabulous shade of blue) because aside from Orla Kiely, I also love and collect nail polishes. I just couldn't bring myself to spend $9 on a bottle of nail polish as I always get mine on sale.

I then proceeded to the children's section to look for, well, anything really. I initially picked up these Pompom Shorts since I couldn't find the Challis Pompom Shorts in Upstream that I really wanted. The XL looked like it would've fit me fine. I then headed back to the women's department to check for any leftover pieces and a Target employee was replacing the racks with a few of the crop tops...and the shorts I wanted! But only two pairs - one XS and one medium. As soon  as she placed it on the racks, I quickly grabbed the extra-smalls and went on my merry way.

I went to the dressing rooms, only to find a large crowd of women waiting around for any possible go-backs. It was pretty insane, as women quickly grabbed whatever items they could before employees could even place them back on the racks. One woman in particular was overly aggressive and literally grabbed items out of other women's hands. She eventually returned the items as her teenage daughter scolded her. I mean, honestly, the whole scenario was completely ridiculous, so I threw in the towel and left with the items I had. Aside from the Crochet Tank Top and Espadrilles in Upstream (which were an online only item anyway), I got what I wanted so I was pleased.

Now onto the reviews! For reference, I am 5'3", 115 lbs, and typically a size 0/2, XS/S, 25/26.

Size XS
So these were the shorts I wanted the most. The extra-smalls fit, but I would've much preferred a size small for some added length and room in the waist, as I like my shorts to be a little loose so it doesn't create a muffin top. The waist is elasticized, though, so that's a plus. 

One of the only cons is that there were a lot of loose threads throughout. 

There's a front tie with gold detailing.

There are tiny "pompoms" along the hem. I wouldn't say that these are pompoms, but more like tiny crocheted circles.

The print is called "Upstream" which features blue fish against a white background.

Made of 100% rayon, they feel quite thin, but are surprisingly not see-through.

Size small
So these were the pink shorts that I initially didn't want, but realized how cute and quintessentially-Lilly they were. These are a size small, which I felt fit way better than the XS shorts above. They sat very comfortably on my hips and didn't create a muffin top. The only thing I don't like is that the lining is about two inches shorter than the outer part - I just felt like they would've looked better if the lining were the same length.

The shorts have a very nice eyelet detailing in a vibrant pink shade.

These shorts also have tiny "pompoms" on the hem... well as along the sides.

Made of 100% cotton, which felt nice and thick.

Size 7
These pineapple sandals were the number one item I wanted. I'm a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother, and they remind me of one of my favorite episodes, "The Pineapple Incident" :) I'm wearing a size 7, which felt very true-to-size and super comfortable - they don't feel like they will need to be broken in. 

I actually tried on both a size 6 and a size 7. Even though 7 is my true size, sometimes when it comes to sandals, they can be a little too big and the straps sit away from my foot. I was happy that the straps on these sandals sat snugly against my foot.

The pineapples are made of a gold-colored metal, which are attached with studs, and they appear that they will hold up well.

The only issue that I have with these sandals, however, is that a tiny part of it has already come apart. All of the sandals were actually wrapped in paper, so I wasn't sure if they were the pineapple ones or the starfish ones. This particular pair that I ended up with were already unwrapped, so I grabbed these first (I should've suspected that something might be wrong with them). But it was so hectic that I didn't have time to unwrap the other sandals to make sure they were the ones I wanted, so I grabbed these. The other side is just glued together, so I'm sure I can glue this part back together for an easy fix.

I've checked frequently on Target's site today for any pop backs, but no luck. I'll probably check my local stores in a couple weeks for any returns, in hopes of finding the Crochet Tank Top and maybe a pair of those espadrilles. Overall, I am super happy with my purchases (especially since I had a coupon and a couple gift cards!) I'm excited to wear these pieces in the summer, and I'll have fun mixing and matching them with items in my wardrobe. 

How about you? Did you shop the collection today? If so, did you get the pieces you wanted?

And if you're ever wondering why there are times where I don't seem to blog as frequently, it's because of this little guy right here :) He can be quite distracting haha.

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I have to rant. I think that it is ridiculous that Target is not restocking Lilly Pulitzer collection in stores, if they did then the ebay Demand would decrease and everybody (except those mean people wanting to take advantage of this for a quick buck) will be happy! I have bruises on my leg from a crazy lady shoving me aside with her buggy to snag a good chunk of the dresses on the rack. Im happy I managed to get the pineapple sandals though! they ran slightly small for me I think so i went up a size.

    1. Also just a FYI I messaged Target on Twitter about restocking and they replied saying that they are also disappointed by the people reselling items and will not be restocking. This collection has been a rather large bummer for those of us that actually would like to purchase the collection for themselves and not for resale online.

  2. I, too, am so disappointed by people snapping up as much as they could just to resell. I really wanted some home items for myself. It seems like Target could manage this process better if they wanted to.

    Thanks, Stephanie, for the recap of your experience. I love hearing the play-by-play details of what you went through. Glad you got a few things you wanted!

  3. Sounds like hell!! I totally sat this one out...Actually haven't gotten crazy over any of the designer collections in a long time. the three big ones for me were OK, Alexander McQueen and Liberty of London...I did score a Missoni ottoman that mysteriously appeared in the store one day long after the collection landed, probably someone had ordered it online and returned it... You got some gorgeous pieces though, I really like the cut of those shorts! :) - Tracy