Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Purseday: Orla Kiely Multi Scribble Stem Print Shoulder Bag

Happy Orla Kiely Thursday Purseday!

What I'm Wearing:
Gap leather belt
Coach leather wedge sandals

Nail polish color: Butter London Wellies on hands, Sonia Kashuk Pinky Promise on toes

Multi Scribble Stem Print Shoulder Bag
2009 Collection
This is actually a very special purse because it's the very first Orla Kiely purse I ever owned. It was a Christmas present from my husband back in 2009, right before we got married. He knew I'd been lusting after an Orla Kiely purse for quite some time, so I was completely thrilled when he got this for me.

An Orla Kiely logo tag on the side.

The bottom of the purse has feet.

The older purses had all these awesome leather details throughout. 

A magnetic closure.

The interior has a Linear Stem cotton lining.

Two pockets with an attached key ring on one side.

A zippered pocket with an Orla Kiely logo tag on the other side.

I enjoy pairing this bag with some of my more simpler outfits so this purse can shine.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far!


  1. What a great hubby! You look great in yellow, by the way! - Tracy

    1. Thank you, Tracy! Yellow is one of my favorite colors :)

  2. Hi Stephanie - I have a multi-stem bag, as well, but it's a little bit different than yours. Mine is about 5 or 6 years old. I'm wondering if yours has developed any cracks in the coated canvas. I have about 5 cracks in the areas where the bag sags or folds over a bit. By "cracks", I mean that there are actual short slits and the edges are exposed. They're not very visible, but my arm catches on them and I've occasionally gotten a tiny surface scratch. I use this purse every day during the spring and sumemr, so it's quite annoying. :-(

    1. Hi! All of my purses have faired pretty well over the years - none of them have any cracks or peeling in the coated canvas, even with extended use. I am super careful when I use them though, and then when they're not in use, I store them in dust bags. I actually bought a super old purse on eBay that had a ton of peeling (the person who listed the item failed to mention that in the description - hate when that happens!) so I tried contacting Orla Kiely's repair service, and unfortunately, they said there's nothing they could do about it. I was rather disappointed, and I have actually contemplated peeling off the entire coating because it seems the canvas underneath is just fine. I'm too scared to do that, though! Might make the bag even worse. But I feel your pain! I wish there was something Orla Kiely's repair service could do about peeling and cracked lamination on their coated bags.